My Portfolio

By:Dilveer Grewal

Table of Contents

1. Introduction-Who am I?

2. Hobbies and Interests

3. Ontario Essential Skills

4. Academic Skills

5. Personal Involvement

6. Conclusion

Who am I?

My name is Dilveer Grewal. I was born on June 25th,1999 in Ontario, Canada. Furthermore I presently live in Brampton, Ontario; currently attending Castlebrooke Secondary School. Upon attending Castlebrooke, I attended Castlemore Public School for my middle school years. Over the course of my life I have previously lived in Woodbridge, Ontario and attended Woodbridge Public School. I live with both my parents and two siblings I love going to the gym, and presently workout five days a week. I also pursue a great interest in heavy duty trucks and classic vehicles. My ultimate goal of life is to accomplish my dream job of becoming a heavy duty equipment technician.

Inspiring Quotes

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I am always inspired by quotes, they help me live life to the fullest, and they also help me realize my full potential.

Hobbies & Interests

On my free-time at home I have a variety of different hobbies and interests including the following:

1. I have a interest in a variety of vehicles, especially large trucks and classic cars. I enjoy working and learning about them.

2. I like working out at gym, I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

3. I have a high interest in music, and love to play and make music. From grade six I have been playing the clarinet and tenor saxophone and cultural instruments at home.

4. I enjoy watching TV, particularly movies.

Since I have great passion for cars and trucks in the summer I look forward to possibly adding a lift to my Ford F-350, or possibly adding dual six inch exhaust stacks in the bed. I hope to enjoy this truck when I earn my license.

Ontario Essential Skills


During high school, and at home I have read a variety of books and novels. I enjoy reading and reflecting to these books. I like to learn from a variety of different reading, it makes me become a better learner.


During high school, I have enjoyed writing a variety of different types of written materials from support opinion paragraphs to news articles to scripts and essays. I am very proud of my written material. I have just recently wrote a support opinion essay and journal in history class for twenty percent final mark, which I am confident I will do well on.

Computer Use

Over just the first semester of grade 10, I have learned to use a variety of new computer programs. Programs include: Microsoft excel, AutoCAD, and Solid Works. I was assigned to make documents such as graphs on Microsoft excel. I have did assignments using AutoCAD before designing final class summative. I have also learned solid works, where we were assigned to design most class projects on solid works. These software's have been a great learning experience for me.

Numeracy- Money Math

I have learnt about money math through my dads work. I help him keep track of all earnings. I have worked with mainly percentages when calculating pay. I also work mainly with unit rates as well.

Measurement (Numeracy)

To start of, in two of my favorite courses this semester: construction technology and manufacturing technology we started by learning measurement. Measurement in both courses was very essential. In construction we learned to measure within a sixteenth of an inch, but in manufacturing we learned to measure within a thousands of an inch. I explored various measuring instruments such as vernier/dial calipers and tape measures. Doing well in measurement will ensure having a good foundation in both courses.

Career Planing- Thinking Skills

When I am older I dream to become a heavy duty truck and equipment service technician. The trucking industry no matter what will continue proceeding; meaning there will never be shortage in work. Facts support that there will be a shortage in this industry within the next ten years, making it ideal for boys alike myself to join. I have experience in this field as my father is in the trucking industry himself, and my uncle has his own truck repair company. From a kid (about 7-8 years old) I have been helping my father repair maintain his own equipment, where I developed a great passion for mechanics of heavy duty machinery. Alongside helping my father I now have spent a few summers with my uncle, who owns and operates a truck repair company.
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The picture above was the picture of the first Detroit diesel series 60 engine in-frame rebuild I helped with in the summer of 2012. From that date I have learned a lot but I have that much yet to learn. This was my first hands on experience inside of a diesel engine. It was this day I realized I wanted to become a heavy duty machinery technician.

Thinking- Decision Making

Everyday, I make decisions, it could be a decision for something small or a decision for something big. Some big decisions I made was choosing high schools, and high school courses wisely, which are very important for my future. Some small everyday decisions I make is who to talk to, what to eat.

Employment Checklist

I believe I can do this job because I have plenty of hands on experience. I've been doing sorts of work to heavy machinery since I was a kid, and learned from plenty of mistakes. I am also very responsible, I do everything on time and the right way (take my time), no shortcuts. I am also very committed, I commit to every job I do; and take responsibility for it. Above all I have passion for this field, making me a perfect candidate.

Academic Skills

During the first semester of grade 10, I have had great success academically. All work done during this semester was mostly done to the best of my ability. Some of my favorite work pieces during this semester were: residential garage framing, wood jewelry box, milling project, holes project and last but not least wooden clock!

1. Residential Garage Framing

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The pictures are of my groups residential garage framing. During this assignment we experienced using tools such as handsaws, hammers, belt sander. We also used measurement when cutting and using scales to construct the garage. I really enjoyed this project, it was the most enjoyable project I've done this year. I look forward to taking construction technology in further grades.

2. Milling Project

The following pictures are of another assignment I am very proud of which I made in manufacturing technology. With the use of vertical mill I was able to cut in the month and year of my birth in a piece of mdf. I used XY coordinates to design my block. The block also used fundamentals of measurement.
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3. Holes project

In this assignment I measured where holes need to be put, then drilled using a variety of sized bits using a drill press. I made 6 holes including: threaded holes, blind holes, counter bored and counter sinked holes. Later I got on to tapping threads in holes, and stamping my initials. At last I polished my aluminum, making it look unique. With pride I can say that my aluminum block had the best shine compared to my peers.

Personal Involvment

Personal Involvement Outside of School

I take part in a few clubs including gym clubs/fitness classes, I go to the gym about five days a week and practice strength training's. I am proud of my progress over a years course. I have noticed significant improvement in strength. Some of my best progress is explained in the following. I can now curl 45lbs dumbells compared to when I started, only curling about 20 lbs. I can also decline/incline 250lbs compared to about only 90lbs when starting out. I am extremely happy with my strength at only 156 lbs.

Responsibilities within family

I have a wide array of responsibilities to fulfill at home. I spend several hours of my weekends with my dad in his yard maintaining his equipment. I do a variety of heavy jobs on a regular basis such as change tires, tire repair, brake and drum change, grease and oil changing not to forget small bolt on jobs. I feel as these responsibilities make me realize how to operate a business and how money is made in the real world.

Community Involvment

I have volunteered within community centers of Brampton during the previous summer. I have earned a few volunteer hours. I have also encouraged and recommended my friends to volunteer. I look forward to volunteering further this summer, and giving back to the Brampton community.


Thanks you viewing my portfolio! I hope that you have enjoyed my portfolio; in which i have showcased and portrayed my learning experiences. Creating this portfolio has truly been a very good journey; I learned a lot through my mistakes! I hope you all enjoyed reading about my portfolio, just as much as I enjoyed creating it!