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Rabid dog terrorizes town

This week, a dog by the name of Tim Johnson was killed in a residential area. The dog appeared to have rabies. The dog was shot by a local Mr. Atticus Finch.

"I thought the dog had rabies,” Mr. Atticus Finch said. “I didn’t want it going into another neighborhood and hurting someone.”

The owner Harry Johnson was very upset. “How can you just kill a dog without even contacting the owner or finding out if it even had rabies.” Mr. Johnson said “I want some sort of apology or else I will take this to court and I will sue.”

The sheriff of the town, Mr. Heck Tate, explained, “Atticus did the right thing, that dog definitely had rabies and I didn’t want it getting into any other trouble. I will admit that we should have called Mr. Johnson first but it was happening too quickly.” “Mr. Finch has the best shot in town, and I trusted him over me to shoot the dog.” Tate said.

Local children attacked by well known member of maycomb county

Late Halloween night Bob Ewell attacked Jem and Scout Finch with a kitchen knife under the big oak tree.

Jem Finch, Atticus Finch’s son said, “As we were walking home from the auditorium I was hearing footsteps behind us like someone was following us.”

Mrs. Maudie said. “I think I recall screaming behind my house, while I was in my Livingroom reading a book.” As Bob Ewell was attacking Jem and Scout Finch he was killed by stumbling over a tree stump and falling on his kitchen knife which went under his ribs cage and he bleed to death.

Doctor Scott Reynolds, main doctor of Maycomb County, Said, “Scout was very fortunate with only coming out with a few bruises here and there. As for Jem Finch he ended up with a broken arm and a black eye from what looks like to me like he was trying to fight off Bob Ewell.”

exciting trial thrills Maycomb county

This week, a local man, Mr. Atticus Finch, defends a black man in the courthouse. The black man Tom Robinson is accused of raping Mr. Bob Ewell’s daughter.

“He helped me with a chore, so I went to get him a nickel.” Mayella Ewell started. “But when I was turned around he hit me, choked me, and took advantage of me.”

Tom Robinson, the man accused, said, “I never raped her, she asked me to step up on a chair to grab a box off of a shelf. As I’m doing so she grabbed me around the legs and I fall. When we both get up she kisses me and says, “I never kissed a grown man before and I might as well kiss a nigger.” That’s when I heard Mr. Ewell yelling from outside, so I ran and ran.”

The trial happens tomorrow at noon, it is going to be a packed house too.

Al Capone finally Jailed for Tax evasion

On this day, in 1931. Al Capone is finally sentenced to jail. This man was on the top of the FBI’s most wanted list for a long time. He got out of a lot of jail time by paying people off but now he has to own up to 11 years in jail. He was also fined $80,000. He joined a gang after being expelled from school when he was 14. After being in a fight and getting sliced across his face, he earned his nickname, Scarface. Capone moved to Chicago where he helped run Johnny Torrio’s illegal enterprises. Torrio’s enterprise consisted of prostitution, alcohol-smuggling, and gambling. Capone was finally put in charge after Torrio retired in 1925. Capone was known on a national level after the Valentine’s Day Massacre in 1929, where he kill seven of his rivals. Capone’s biggest rivals were known as the “untouchables”, because they could not be corrupted.

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Miss Maudie speaks out

Hello, this is Maudie Atkinson and I have been living in Maycomb County all my life and I have never seen or heard of that disappointed more than Tom Robinson’s and Bob Ewell’s trial. I don’t see how the jury believes Bob Ewell’s testimony. There are countless people in this town that believe Tom Robinson didn’t do what the jury think he did. Bob Ewell has been trouble in this town since day one. As for Tom Robinson, he is one of the most respectful, kind and loving colored men I have ever meet. If this decision was made because it was a white man vs a colored man that is very disappointing. Tom Robinson shouldn’t be doing consequences for a crime that he didn’t even commit. Thank you for listening to my thoughts and opinion on what Maycomb County is doing wrong and what they could do to make it right.


Hello, this is Calpurnia and I’m am talking about how much I love the Finch family. The Finch family has been nothing but great full and loving to me, and I thank you guys for that. But when Aunt Alexandra came and lived with us she wanted to get rid of me. That’s beside the point because I knew Atticus Finch wouldn’t get rid of me. I have been with them for too long just to fire me like that. As for Jem and scout Finch they are the best possible kids you could ask for to take care of. They are nothing but happy 24/7 and always respectful I love those 2 children so much. Sometimes they get a little bit out of hand as you can tell with all their crazy thoughts and what they try to do, but me and Atticus keep them in order for the most part. This is Calpurnia and thank you for listening to what I had to say.

Jem finch does the impossible

There was a shock in last night’s basketball game between the Maycomb County Dead-Eyes and the Stark County Maycomb County’s very own Jem Finch killed it. He hit 15 three pointers and one full court buzzer beater to win the game in the final seconds. Jem was with his Splash bro Cecil Jacobs who hit 10 three pointers and dunked 5 times. He too hit a half court buzzer beater at the end of the second quarter. The Dead-Eyes were playing the number 1 ranked in the world Oilers. The Oilers were undefeated until this point. They couldn’t stop Jem Finch’s and Cecil Jacob’s dynamic duo. This definitely shocked the world and this moment will never be forgotten.

“I just threw it up there and hoped for the best”, Mr. Finch said, “I never imagined being the top team in the world, I never could have done it without the team and especially Cecil Jacobs.

Mrs. Dubose will be missed

This morning Maycomb County woke up to a shocking announcement. Mrs. Dubose was addicted to morphine and she started to stop taking it. Her body didn’t react well to that and ended up passing way. Mrs. Dubose was one of the faces of Maycomb County everyone knew her and she will be missed. As you think of her say a quick prayer for her and her family cause her family cause they need it.