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So we just returned from Phoenix and words can not even begin to describe the past few days! New products, health insurance plan, O2 Academy, certification opportunity to teach with ChildHelp and much more! Stay tuned for next week's newsletter which will include a slide show of new products, conference recap and July recognition. I apologize for the delay in getting this out to you. Between family and preparing for conference, it was a crazy busy month but I am ready, are you ready to ROCK and GROW in the 4th quarter!???? Let's DO THIS!!

Whoot! whoot! Congratulations! Kudos! Bravo! Way to go!!! OWLMAZING! June was another astounding month in team sales! We topped out at $343,413! Just AMAZING!!! Here are the top 10 in PV (personal volume) overall and for my directs:

Top 10 in PV (Overall Team WHOOT)
  1. April DiRenzo $2,489.00
  2. Cindy Collier $2,487.30
  3. Michelle O'Malley $2,085.85
  4. Nathalie Ynoa $1,910.80
  5. Destiny Gee $1,909.10
  6. Rachel Hunt $1,716.60
  7. Jenna Clark $1,675.35
  8. Danielle Spencer $1,318.00
  9. Kathleen Zangari $1,223.80
  10. Gabrielle King $1,195.10

Top 10 in PV (My Directs)

  1. Connie and Courtney Silakoski $879.60
  2. Kimberly Schreiner $774.30
  3. Sharon Smith $666.50
  4. Sue Csira $611.80
  5. Angela Ross $604.70
  6. Barbara Crowell $550.10
  7. Stephen Cameron $519.50
  8. Kim Byrne $504.80
  9. Elisa Wills $477.05
  10. Patty Samuelson $461.40
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Join me in extending a WARM WHOOT welcome to all new Designers who started their O2 journey in June! We are so excited to see you SOAR with your new business! We added 65 new Designers this month! WOW!

Trisha Huntsinger CA

Tilly Lumpkin CA

Nicole Mix CA

Regina Zuniga CA

Lillian Clarke FL

Melissa Fulker FL

Kathy Hermesman FL

Annabelle Orama Carrion FL

Angelina Ortiz FL

Alicia Prestwood FL


Nashira Soto FL

Kathy Wolford FL

Elizabeth Ours GA

Carolyn Brinson LA

Deborah Johnson MD

Trina Gentry MN

Diane Crunk MT

Heather Aspenberg NJ

Jessica DeBlasio NJ

Danielle Hallinan NJ

Sherri Mahoney NJ

Jennifer Rowley NJ

Stacie Sellitto NJ

Andrea & Lauren Stark NJ

Rosa Torres NJ

Leslie Truelove NJ

Michelle Tuscano NJ

Vanessa Vargas NJ

Rebecca Williams NJ

Crystal Colon NY

Janelle Lorkowski OH

Tawnya Plaster OH

Shea Smith OH

Amanda Boozel PA

Krysta Fata PA

Ginger Martin PA

Stephanie Messinger PA

Kristen Mulzet PA

Janet Rivera PA

Alyssa Rizzo-Berg PA

Ithamar Rodriguez PA

Kimberly Ryan PA

Dorca Agron PR

Raiza Camacho PR

Carmen Casillas PR

Francis Gonzalez PR

Mari­a Lopez PR

maria lopez PR

Brenda Marrero PR

Martha Novoa PR

Jennifer Parez PR

Christian Perez PR

Gladys Pinero PR

Mary Rivera PR

Angelie Rivera PR

Myrna Roman Del Rio PR

Timna Saldana PR

Iris Santiago PR


Karina Suarez PR

Marisol Suarez PR

Michelle Tirado PR

Rebeca Vega PR

Amy Dirks SD

Larissa Rivera TX

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Congratulations to all Designers who welcomed new family members to their Success-line in June!! WAY TO GO!! WOOHOOO!

3 New Designers

Maylines Negron
2 New Designers

Awilda Rodriguez

Cristina De La Cruz

Crystel Hernandez

Ely Martinez

Julissa Osuna

Kim Byrne

Michelle O'Malley

Victoria DePasquale

1 New Designer

Ashley Grupi

Charity Plaster

Chenease Smith

Dahiana Cintron



Elizabeth Moffitt

Elsa Feeny

Erik Gwardyak

Erin Wells


Heather Gaffney

Jessica Carrillo

Monica de Santiago

Maren Eggers

Melissa Groff

Micaela & Augustin Arellano


Nicole Berger

Rachel Hunt

Rosemary Soto

Ruth Hersh

Timna Saldana

Waleska Carlo

Yadith Ruiz

Yarimar Jorge


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Whoooo's moving up?

Wow! Just WOW! We have some OWLMAZING promotions this month!!! Congratulations!!!

Team Leader

Jessica deAnda

Missy Sikora

Ivelisse Perez

Rosemary Soto

Edith Tapia

Leading Designer

Tracy Lucera

Domonique Ramirez

Traci Davis

Nicole Berger

Catherine Tinker


Amanda Prescott

Natalie Saladino

Chantel Amoroso

Terry Kurihara

Stephanie Schafer


Caroline Hyzinski

Karla Laboy

Julissa Osuna

Maylines Negron

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HAPPY Owliversary!!

1 Year

Veronica Duna

Elizabeth Brown

Kirsten Estep

Wendy Pfeffer

Megan Skeen

Tracey Porcelli

Helen Lemayski

Kimberly Green

Cheryl Spalter

Lana Murakami

Kayla Sharp

Kala Chambliss

Rachel Hunt

Melissa Farrell

Sharon Smith

NanciBeth Rollman

Sharing Summertime Tips from Direct Sales Institute, by: Michelle Archer

July is in full swing and July is where champions are born! It isn't the easiest of month but you CAN have a rocking month! It just requires a different strategy. So quit drowning your sorrows in oreos and get strategic! If bookings are not going your way, try a different tact. It is NOT ok to give up on July. {YOU} are better than that! Ideas below!

Tip 1- Overlooked customer care
Customer care is not calling people to order.. it is caring for people. What do they need this time of year that yo can deliver through your product? What is retiring that they will never be able to order again? Is your company running a dynamite sale that they need to know about? WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR CLIENTS IN JULY?

Tip 2- Stop hiding behind the computer
Pick up the PHONE! Technology has made us LAZY and fearful. CONNECTING with clients is ESSENTIAL to building the relationship. The relationship is essential to residual sales. You can't have one with out the other. TAKE THE ANTI-LAZINESS PLEDGE!

Tip 3- Get social!
Get out of your house, load your car and go get eyeball to eyeball with your client. Let her feel, see and try on the products. Help her fall in love! It is so much easier to book, sell and recruit in the presence of product. QUIT DOING IT THE HARD WAY!

Tip 4- Set a Visit Goal for July
You have 15 days left in this month. Can you commit to 1 a day? A cup of coffee, lunch? With an average reorder of $50, do you realize that you can sell an extra $750...having coffee? What would happen if everyone on your team took the challenge? take a minute and do that math! DON'T STOP TILL YOU GET ENOUGH!

Tip 5- Quit whining (said with all the love in my heart)
Don't commiserate with others on how lousy July is.. it only makes it worse. Do what you can to make it your masterpiece. Get out of gripey groups and don't answer the phone when your gripey sister consultant calls (we all have one). Remember: YOU CAN WORK OR WHINE, YOU CAN'T DO BOTH!

Introducing.....WHOOTIE! Our new team mascot and logo!

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Special edition of the WHOOT Scoop

Stay tuned...there will be a special edition of the WHOOT Scoop after convention! Have a great! Can't wait to share updates from Phoenix!