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Enjoy a day of learning and fellowship.

The NeXt Step Academy Summer Workshop $15(includes lunch & childcare)

Saturday, June 11th, 9am-4pm

2801 Orchid Drive

McKinney, TX

Build your relationship with Christ and gain tools to improve your daily life and better serve others.

· WISDOM by Design-Learn the nuts and bolts for facilitating exciting small groups. Recommended for leaders. (Facilitator Certification)

· Introduction to the Bible - Where did the Bible come from? How do we know it's authoritative? (Bible Certification)

· Introduction to the Cults- Learn what the Bible says about modern day cults and what makes them so dangerous.

· Understanding Our Emotions (EQ) - Better understand your emotions and how to relate to others. (Care Certification)

· How God Wired Us-This seminar includes the DISC self-assessment and training. (Care Certification)

· The Importance of Boundaries-Understand boundaries and learn to keep good stuff in and bad stuff out of relationships.

· Sin Cycle and Using Scripture in Times of Need-Learn to break the cycle of sin and how to use scripture to help yourself and others.

· Life Group 101-Training for new and potential Life Group leaders. Develop tools to see real care, growth and impact in your Life Group.

· Mutual Mentoring- Whet your appetite for creating spiritual friendships that grow, based on the book "The Lost Art of Lingering" by Rowland Forman.

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"I attended the NeXt Step Academy Winter Workshop and had a blast. There's something for everyone. It was great to study alongside other members of my church family. The presenters were easy to follow and the additional resources have helped me continue to study at home. I highly recommend you get out of your box and attend a workshop. You won't be sorry."

-Ed Lorenz, C4 Men​