Behind Closed Doors

Many stories would be hide behind every closed door


In many years, there was an amazing house, where a happy family lived in it, until their father was dead. They got surprised by a lot of problems that their father left to them, this problems made them fight and separate. Money and heritage made them hate each other.

These brother and sisters realized that they must be one hand, and that done when they face the most big problem in their house, and they decided to be together to face their enemy.

In the 1st of May last year, Mr. Jean was sitting in the house garden, and he was watching his grandchildren playing around him. At the same time he was thinking to tell his sons that he loves a young lady and he wants to marry her.

Through his long thoughts, he fell a sleep. By the time his old son “ Mark” was looking at his father and he went to wake him up. Suddenly, he found his dad dead. Mark started to shout and call his brother, and sister to try to help their father, but they found him dead.

After few days of their dad's death, they surprised that their father has married a young lady, her name is “ Elizabeth” and she took a lot of money from him. And she made him bought a lot of expensive Jewell, and that made him to loan a lot of money. That's made the banks decided to take this house to pay that debts.

Also Mr. Jean had a young son who payed all his money that he got from his heritage in alcohol drinks and playing poker. Moreover his daughter who was married from a greedy man, who want to take all of her money, and he lied on her and persuaded her, that her brothers will take all money and will throw her away from the big house.

When they surprised with their father's problems, they decided to sell their house to pay all their father debts. Moreover they bought another small house to live in it. After that they worked in many jobs only to earn a little money for living priority. After two months the shocked when the bank clerk told them that Mrs. Elizabeth bought their house and she got married from her lover.

Few hours and Mr. Jean woke up and decided to cancel his idea, and he said that he will never marry from any woman, because he has the best sons ever.

After that he called his sons and talked with them around how being one hand is very important, and hope to be together .

Finally; you should know that is very little can be known behind the closed doors.