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•Is there a fear that the house of the user information using a cloud storage for the general user-replaceable?

•Do not you feel the need for soon their cloud storage?

Cloud Storage Light

Cloud Storage Light is a cloud storage using Microsoft Azure, to the low cost and high reliability of storage provides a convenient function for the enterprise. First demo site please check the function.

Low cost

Cloud Storage Light is 1GB per 2.45 yen - is a low-cost cloud storage services using Azure Storage (storage service) called. Occupancy is also unlimited, additional cost is used many people, and you do not need.

High reliability

For Cloud Storage Light is you are using Azure Storage, you can simply use the high reliability of the Azure Storage. Stored in Azure Storage data is copied to three separate storage is.

Convenient enterprise features

Cloud Storage Light upload of files, including the download, full-text search function, authentication, authorization control, such as a mail reception function provides the necessary features for the enterprise have been. To take advantage of these features to accommodate a variety of usage scenarios. In addition, collaboration with Skype and Lync, also offers push-type information notification function.

Use scenario

•Storage as a file server in the enterprise

•Storage of BCP measures (disaster recovery)

•Storage for collaboration with business partners

•Alternate storage of Exchange of the Public folder


Demo site you can experience the actual operation in. Please experience using the account for the following demonstration.

Name: demo

Password: demo1

Introduction procedure

Cloud Storage Light is introduced into the Microsoft Azure. Step-by-step installation procedure has been prepared. It is possible to introduce a Cloud Storage Light to customers on the Microsoft Azure this document to the original. It should be noted, has published the current ß version.

Application fee

•Cost is needed separately for the actual deployment in the cloud services and data transfer on the Azure in addition to Azure Storage of Cloud Storage Light. For example, the cost per month in the case of use in 100 people the cloud storage of 100GB is the following calculation will be about 2500 yen / month. It is a calculation of 25 yen per capita.

•Storage usage charge ¥ 2.45 / GB / month x 100GB ? 245 yen

•Cloud services XS ¥ 2.17 / hour x 1 month ? 1,613 yen

•Transfer fee 19.38 yen / GBx30GB ? 600 yen (100 people 10MB byte transfer every day: 100X10MBx30_nichi = 30GB)

•Storage transaction 0.51 yen / 100,000 x 3,000,000 ? 15 yen (10 transaction X30_nichi per 100 people to operate 100 times every day)

It should be noted that the calculation of the costs of the August 26, 2014 Azure fee Chart have been calculated in reference to. Since this cost calculation should not be considered to ensure that it can operate in this cost in the reference information, please acknowledge beforehand.

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