Christmas in the Dominican Republic

By: Devin De La Vega B2

93 days of CHRISTMAS

In the Dominican Republic their Christmas celebrations are very important to them thats why they start celebrating in October and end in January. Included in these three months of Christmas there are booked airports, food, fireworks, and a plentiful amount of family time.


During their celebrations of Christmas adults and children love popping fireworks whenever and where ever they want. Also during these three months the hospitals are very busy mending burn wounds.


In December every business, in December, give all their employees a "doble sueldo" which is a bonus added to their pay check which is a month worth of money.

Three Kings Day and Little Angle

On Janurary 6, they celebrate Three Kings Day, to them this is their "Santa". On Three Kings Days they give the children what they wanted on their wish list. On the other hand, they also do a gift exchange between family members called, "Little Angle". On this gift exchange they pick names out of bag then you get a gift for the person you drew every week leading up to Christmas.
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