Analysing Another Students Work

Danielle Watkins

Newspaper Advertisement

We have looked at another students work hoping to get ideas for our own newspaper advertisement. I have picked this newspaper to analyse as there are some good and bad features to analyse.
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"WE will show YOU what YOU want to see"

As you can see above, the opening sentence to the newspaper advertisement is in bold, black, large font. This will catch the readers eye as the colour black stands out against the contrasting light red background. Having the text written in first person makes the reader feel engaged with the advertisement. 'We' and 'you' will make the reader feel as if the advertisement is specialised to just them, making the reader want to read on. Also, the opening sentence is demanding, whereas, using a polite opening sentence such as 'What do you want to see?' will not engage the reader as much.


The name of the new TV Channel that this student is advertising is called 'Urban TV'. This is very clear as the title is presented in the centre of the page. The title is clear and can be easily read and understood. Also, the font used is related to 'urban' as it is funky and different. The image behind the title is a old fashioned type TV. This makes the title more presentable than the heading and the other information included, as the background is different and stands out.

New members - 50% off

The advertisement of new members getting 50% off, again, engages the reader to read more. 50% discount is a lot, therefore, the audience will enjoy a bargain and become a member to see how good it is. Having 50% off is advertising and will make the reader be interested in the new TV Channel, even if they aren't 'urban' fans. I like how there is an offer as it gives the option for people that wouldn't pay full price, to become a member of something different. This gives them a chance to see if they enjoy it or not.

Adding more information, such as the website, means that readers that are interested can go on to find out extra information about the new TV Channel. I like that this has been included as it gives the reader the option to find out more. Having the website included onto the newspaper advertisement makes the advertisement, and the channel itself, look professional and organised.
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One disadvantage for this newspaper advertisement is the lack of colour. Other than the background, this student hasn't used much colour. The font colour is in plain black which does not blend with the bright red background. Even though the text stands out clear, the newspaper advertisement looks unattractive and messy. This can make readers look away from the newspaper ad and not read about the new TV Channel.

Another disadvantage is the amount of writing. The font is all the same font size. This stop the header and the title of the TV Channel stand out amongst the rest of the text. To avoid the title becoming blended in with the other text, I will ensure to include different size text. For example, least important information such as the website, I will make sure to include in smaller font.

Another disadvantage of this newspaper advertisement is the alignment of the text and image. Everything is aligned in the centre of the page which makes outside of the newspaper advertisement empty. This is unattractive and unprofessional, as the space can be used for other information that is relevant to a new TV Channel.