Hope for the Helpless

Helping the Homeless People of Waco, Texas // GROUP ONE

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The Issue

"A society will be judged by how it treats its' weakest members." -Harry Truman

As a group, we have decided that a major issue in the city of Waco is homelessness. On every corner, you can see someone without a place to rest their head and feeling helpless. In Waco, there are an estimated amount of 600 homeless people, with half of them being war veterans. A lot of solutions have been posed, but without getting down to the root cause of the issue, it cannot be solved. We believe that the root issue is that people are without money, because they are without a job, because they are not equipped with the skills to have a job. Our group is out to help be apart of the solution.

Take Action

Our goal is to educate homeless people so that they are able to get a job, by helping provide funding for Compassion Waco, a non-profit organization, that provides homeless members of the community with the help they need. We will provide funding by asking the principals of our schools, community leaders, business owners locally, and Baylor to place a mason jar out for donations for our cause. We will take up the jars once a month, a bring them to Compassion Waco. By doing this, we will be able to help provide adequate care for the homeless people of Waco.
Group 1

What We Learned

Peyton: The rate of homeless people in Waco is twice the United States homeless percentage.

Camden: Homelessness in Waco is twice the amount it is in America.

Erin: I learned that 600 people in Waco are homeless. Half of that amount, are our Nation's veterans.

Adelaide: I learned that there are 35% of homeless people in Waco and 15% in the Nation.

Abigail: People are homeless often because of abuse and a lack of education.

Hannah: 35% of people in Waco are homeless.

JD: Homeless people don't need money, they need help.

Reggie: I learned that we need to give homeless people a better life.

John Will: I learned that most of the Waco homeless people are Veterans.

iEngage Summer Civics Institue: Group 1

Peyton Laminack

Camden Brock

Erin Ju

Adelaide Johnson

Abigail Johnson

Hannah White

James Colson ("JD")

Reggie Deanda

John Will McDonald

For more information about our chosen charity, please visit the link below