I Am Princess X summer reading

Book by Cherie Priest




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Character Analysis

The person in the book that changed the most would have to be Trick. In the beginning of the book he was rude and selfish he went on to the darknet to try and give away the author of Princess X and get money for it. And then towards the middle of the book he started to warm up to may and he would go on all the hunts and find clues with May. And at the end of the book he risked his life with May all to save Mays best friend Libby.

Literary Elements

'cool,that's a cool idea. But i'll go with you. All three of us trying to get out that little window at once-no way. And two people can cause twice the distraction, right? Let me help. ...

Are you sure?.. Positive.'

(Priest 213)

This is meaningful to the setting because at this point in time you know they're trying to distract someone in a house. This is meaningful to the tone because at that moment they're worried, scared, and brave. The conflict is that they're trying to escape and Trick doesn't want May to be the distraction alone he doesn't want anyone to get hurt. The theme is you never leave a man behind; don't let your friends do something scary alone.

Personal Response

What I think about the book, I think that this was a great book but i do think that it was a little slow at the beginning and a little bit of the middle but the very end had some action. And the whole book was a mystery it was a little confusing but I figured it out. It had a little twist in the end but you could kinda expect it. I thought it was good and that's all that really matters.