Updates and Teaching/Technology Tips and Tricks

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We need your help! Please complete ASAP

We need to collect information on technology and furniture resources and STAT PD choices for next year. Click on the link to share your thoughts. Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill this out. Your opinion matters!

I posted this in the last STATChat but did not get many responses. If you already filled it out thank you! If you are not sure feel free to email me.

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Friendly Reminders

HIT Goals

All HIT Goals (bright yellow) paper should be returned to my mailbox by Thursday, June 18th. Please see me if you have any questions or need any help completing.

Student and Shared Drive Clean Out!

The student and shared drive will be cleaned out for next school year. Please make sure anything you would like to keep in saved on your H drive or grade level folder on the shared drive. Donna and I plan to do this the beginning of next week.

Username and Password Cards

Please put in my mailbox your student username and password cards by Monday, June 15th so they can be redistributed for next year.

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Coming Soon! BCPSOne Update!

BCPSOne will have a new look the end of June. The login screen now includes helpful resources and tutorials for users. Once logged in the first view will not longer be the gradebook. BCPSOne is so much more than just a gradebook and the new interface allows this to become more apparent.
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Professional Development Oppportunities

Enhance your professional knowledge

Are you looking to expand your professional learning? Don’t want to spend money? Check out a MOOC! These are free online courses offered by some of the best Universities around the world. Find a MOOC starting soon through Coursea or EdX.

Summer Workshops are up!!

Check out the bcps ODL wiki for a variety of PD opportunities both webinars and face to face There are so many to choose from you won't be able to pick just one!

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Technology News

Username and Password Security

Below are tips to keep your username and password secured:

- Always sign out/log out of any computer that is not your own

- Never click the "Remember Password" or "Store Password" option, if prompted

- Lock your computer when not in use. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL and then press ENTER

to lock your computer, or press the Windows icon on your keyboard and the letter L,

which will instantly lock your computer.

- Change your password every 90 days

End of Year Procedure for Tech Equipment

  • Projectors on carts and document cameras should be labeled. Please leave all parts connected and on the cart!

  • Computers (desktops) belong to a room, NOT a teacher! Teachers moving classrooms, as a rule, should NOT take their desktop/dock/cart with them. Label all parts of computers (and peripherals) so they go back to the same room.

  • Blue painter’s masking tape is great for labeling since it will peel off with little to no residue unlike standard masking tape.

  • Power computers OFF during summer months.

  • Leave desktops plugged into power if possible.

  • Student laptops should be left inside the teaching cart.

  • Revolves not being taken home over the summer should be locked in a secure location.

  • Cover with old sheets if possible.


  • If possible keep all parts of a Docking Stations connected and move them as a group.

  • If the Docking Station must be disassembled have the teacher take a picture of the connections then label each part and store in a secure location.

  • Laptops and Revolves not being taken home should be locked in a secure location.

  • Cover with old sheets if possible.

  • When moving Docking Stations carefully lay the monitor down on a soft surface to avoid tipping over.


  • Before the end of June delete old files from L:\, I:\, and H:\ drives.

  • Student H:\ drives are deleted July 1st.

  • Teacher files should be stored on H:\ drive, Office 365 OneDrive, AND/OR backed up on a removable media format.

Plan to reimage all computers to Windows 8

I am work with the technology help desk to get all desktops, student and teacher laptops reimaged to Windows 8 over the summer. This will help ensure that all computers are running the same and will assist preparing for the one-to-one transition. I highly suggest using your Revolve over the summer to help you become comfortable with Windows 8.

Tech Requests

Thank you to everyone who has been following the new procedure for tech requests! It is really helping me keep track of everything!

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Motivate Unmotivated Learners

We all have those students... the ones that just don't seem motivated by anything that you do. Read this article for some inspiration!

Contact Me!

Contact me if you have questions about any of the information in this STAT Chat or would like STAT resources and/ or help.