AP Psych Chapter 3

Rachel Turnbo & Luther Keith

Twin Studies


This video shows the study of two twins and how nature and nurture can affect not only physical characteristics but also their intellectual abilities. This is due to one of the twins being not only taller but also having a higher IQ. This happened because one of the twins was exposed to more nutrients than the other while in the womb. These studies can be done on fraternal twins, who develop from separate fertilized eggs, or Identical twins, who develop from a single fertilized egg.


Heritability which is the ability for a gene to be passed down from the parents is shown in this diagram. It shows how traits and characteristics are passed down through generations. This is believed to occur within the chromosomes which when connected as a chain are called DNA.
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Parent/ Peer Influences

This picture shows how both parents and peers influence the growth of a child and that they intertwine throughout the maturity of a child. Influences from parents and peers are based off of interactions, time spent around people or an environment.
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Gender Issues/ Gender Roles

Gender which is the difference in sexuality, male or female, has many roles in psychology. In the beginning for example, women in psychology was rare and because of those time periods many did not support their tests and experiments.
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