Death Lies Around The Corner

Death in Paradise

Beware of an island known as "Indian Island." It is off the coast of the the UK. It is said to be owned by Ulrich Owens. Although it may seem like its a place to stay, it has a mysterious vibe. Mr, Owens throws party for his guests, but he doesn't attend. He sends out invitation's, saying he's someone else and telling his guests that they're invited for a totally different reason

Reasons why not to come to the island

More on the island

This island is very secluded from the world. Mr. Owens wanted this because he kills he guests. I would know because I'm speaking from the grave. My name is Anothey James Marston, I was murdered on the island by being posioned and i can say do not visit the island if you don't want to die.

Created By: Mike O'Leary

Period 6