Stock Research S'more

Background Information

Walmart was incorporated october 31, 1969 and was founded in 1962. sam walton was the main owner and founder of walmart. walmart owns many different companies and businesses and many over seas also. walmart competes in the discount and variety stores industries. The chef competitors are target costco and carrefour inc.

Factores of production

Walmart is known for selling just about anything you need in food close wants and needs toys the company imp lays just over 1.4 million Americans work at Walmart. Walmarts net worth is just under 450 billion dollars.

Stock Information

Walmarts symbol is WMT and its traded on the NYSE stock exchange. Wal-Mart Stores (WMT) has 9 splits total the latest one was a two for one split so what that is is when you have one stock then it splits and now you have two stocks. The graph below is the 52 week high low. there are 7.26 million shares total so far.dividens are also below. the last payed divined was 3/11/2015. as of now walmarts stocks are going down but investors believe that it is a good stock to invest in being so many people shop there and many people will always shop there.

Dividens even future

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contains future dividens

five year graph

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in this graph it looks like that have been doing really really good that have been progressively going up, but now they are going down just a little bit.

News Release

Walmat will be adding a new pay raise half a million workers will be getting well above minimum wage over 9$ an hour for most workers.

I think that doing this will raise walmarts stock prices and make them go up.

Summary, Analysis, Reflection

myself personally probably wouldn't but i can't say for other people. so far i have lost a little over two grand. What i have learned is that investing is harder then i thought it was going to be.

52 week high/low

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in this graph they have been going up and down i tools like they skyrocketed for a while there and its been up for a while.