Unit 1 Assessment Project

Lexi Williams

Positive Self-esteem

  • A positive self-esteem is when you think highly of yourself, in a way. You have confidence and don't insult yourself. High self-esteem isn't very common in teenage girls, like myself.
  • It's important to have positive self-esteem so you don't break yourself down. People who break themselves down can become extremely unhappy, so unhappy that it can hurt them.

Who Am I?

I am a thirteen year old girl who attends junior high school. I am a choral singer, a musician, and an excellent student. I am an older/younger sister and the owner of two kittens as well.

My Interests/skills

  • I play the trumpet
  • I am an Alto 2 singer
  • I have two mental illnesses (severe anxiety being one)
  • I love writing stories and poetry
  • I also love teaching others about all sorts of things
  • I watch documentaries a lot
  • I love learning, no matter what is is about
  • I'm really great at trivia
  • I'm quiet but have my days where I am more loud.
  • I defend any and everyone from bullying.
  • I am always open to help anyone.
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Learning Styles

I am an auditory and visual learner. This means I learn best from hearing things being read or explained aloud and seeing everything. When I'm studying, I will make flash cards so I can read everything and say it aloud to myself. I believe knowing that these are my strongest learning styles is good for me because now I can try new ways to study and learn that will be most effective to me.

Success, respect, confidence and independence

Success to Respect

If you're successful, people will respect you more. In society, people praise other people who work on Wall Street more than a teacher. I believe this is so because Wall Street is considered the more successful people because they're millionaires since they do their job and they do it well. So if you're successful and your life reflects that, you'll earn respect of all the others around you.

Confidence to Independence

I presume that this is meaning that if you're confident in what you do and how you are in life, you'll be given more responsibility which goes hand-in-hand with independence. If you and other people around you are confident in you, you'll be able to do things independent like an assignment at work or living on your own. If you're confident in you're ability to do these things effectively, you'll be able to do things independently.


If I am proud as I work on something and am confident in what I'm producing, my work will turn out better than if I weren't proud. So pride in my work produces confidence. When I'm confident in something, I won't second guess anything concerning the work.

Personality Types

My personality types are that I'm kind of stern. My main focuses are God and my schooling. My brain dominance actually reflects that exactly. My left brain dominates. The characteristics for that is straight-headed. I'm logical and am always focused on the task at hand.

Multiple Intelligences

The multiple intelligence are kinaesthetic, linguistic, logical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, visual/spatial, and naturalistic. I ranked highest in musical, interpersonal, and linguistic. So by just that, it shows that I am very intellectual. I know lots of facts and stories. If the myth "you have a wrinkle in your brain for every single thing you know" were true, my brain would be all, completely wrinkles. I know that sounds like I'm cocky and like I'm higher than others. Which I don't believe at all. I believe that everyone is smart, just in their own topics. Everyone has room for improvements.


  • Music. I'm almost always thinking about music.
  • Books. I love reading and writing.
  • Learning. I love knowing loads of facts.
  • I also love meeting new people or learning new things about people I already know.
  • Traveling. I want to see the world through my own eyes.
  • Blogging. I'm on Tumblr a lot.
  • Photography. I love taking photos and admiring them.
  • Netflix. I enjoy watching shows/movies.
  • Helping others who I can and can't relate first hand with.

Future Lifestyle

In about 15 years, I'd like to have my career and living comfortably. I want to be happy and maybe, hopefully, have a significant other as well. I want to be successful. I want to get somewhere in this world; to make a difference. Maybe I won't cure cancer or work on Wall Street, but I want to have my own success that to me, is almost equivalent. So if I could simplify how I hope my future will be into two words, they'd be happiness and success. That's want I want my future to be full of.

Does your personality affect your career choice?

Of course it does! If you're a happy, bubbly person, maybe sitting at a desk all day behind a computer wouldn't be enjoyable. I think your career choice should maybe reflect your personality. Your personality is who you are and your career is what you do for a living. So it'd be wise to intertwine the two somehow. For myself, I love helping others and teaching. It excites me. So teaching would be a great career choice for me.