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  1. Eliminates Class Systems: With communism, it diminishes the different classes that are measured on wealth and importance. Everyone that would be living in the country has equal access to education, food, and health. This allows for people to live peacefully along with others without having to think someone else is better than the other. Even the homeless people would be able to get education, health care, and food. There would be opportunities available to all people.
  2. Safe and Strong Nation: There are lower crime rates because there will be a stronger enforcement of law and stricter rules. No social disharmony because everyone has similar standards of life. Money spent in the country will be mainly for the welfare of the population. Foreign policies will be much stricter. Also, when decisions are made from the government, the biggest factor in making a choice is the entire population rather than only some parts. There would also be a strong economic growth.


  1. Personal Freedom is Lost: A communist government would get rid of the voice of the people. Things are decided for the citizens rather than making decisions themselves. Communism makes it seem that there is no space for personal growth. In a society where everyone is equal and the same, there wouldn't be a need for people to become better than others as that goes against getting rid of classes. The government is a part of most of the major things that would happen within a country.
  2. Corruption: Within a communist regime, there is a high chance of corruption to be known taking place amongst the leaders. In a society where it is believed for the population to be completely equal, it is said that there can be cases where the higher people within the government have access to more luxuries.


China is a current communist country. Xi Jinping is the current president of China. He is part of the communist party in China.
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