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Mrs. Allen's K-Learners / April 1, 2016

Our mission is to create a culture of intellectual curiosity where all students have ownership over their learning and are inspired to think, innovate, and create.

News and Notes

Parents, Welcome Back from Spring Break! I am convinced all our learners grew at least 2 inches. I am sorry that I did not send a newsletter the week we got out for spring break. I spent the entire break running a fever and getting over bronchitis. This newsletter includes learning from the week of March 14-18 as well as from this week. I want to make special mention of a community showing of the documentary Most Likely To Succeed, on April 5 at St. James United Methodist Church. Stephen Turnipseed will make the introduction of the film at 5:45. Please consider participating in this historic opportunity in our town, as we begin a community conversation about 21st century learning.
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Ball Project Update

Coach Fureigh Compares the Softball and Baseball

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When we began our ball project no one was interested in exploring the softball. But during our informational text writing, several began writing facts about softballs using the facts we had learned about the baseball. I approached Coach Fureigh with our delimma and she agreed to come help us. She brought several Pike Road Patriot Softball players and spent the day comparing the softball to the baseball. She also helped us out by cutting open a football which we had not done yet. (Our football group had been waiting on this to finish their book.) Coach Fureigh ended her time with us by letting each learner throw the ball so they would have experience with the size of the ball in their hand. Coach Fureigh not only coaches softball, but is our volleyball coach and a C4 Lead Learner. We have an amazing talented group of Lead Learners! Thank you Coach Fureigh for being our expert!

Basketball Expert: Coach Klinger

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Coach Klinger and the Pike Road Patriot Basketball players made a grand entrance into our classroom and served as our Basketball Expert. It was so awesome to hear the bouncing of balls and music playing as they walked down the hallway to our room. I was so surprised I did not even have the camera ready. Coach Klinger answered every question our learners sent him. This was such an enjoyable learning experience. I know the video is long but I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to all the learning as well as the giggles. Thank you Coach Klinger for being our Basketball Expert!
Basketball Expert

Think + Innovate + Create = Football Group Book

Take a look at what the football group has been working on. Stay tuned! Basketball is next.

Mr. Matt from Pike Road Library

Mr. Matt-Mar 18
Mr. Matt from Pike Road Library came to visit on March 18th. This is such a special time for the learners. They enjoy Mr. Matt reading to them so much. Consider taking your learner to the Pike Road Library to see Mr. Matt. This would be a great time to get your child a library card so they can start checking out books to read at home. Mr. Matt will be back to read to us on April 22.


Publishing Party

Thank you so much for celebrating our writing with us! One of our reading standards is K.RI.10b Actively participate in group reading activities with purpose and understanding. Having an audience not only helps us meet this standard but brings authentic purpose to our reading and writing. I asked the learners what they enjoyed about having you join us. They all said it made them "feel good and happy" to be able to share what they wrote. The "good" feelings associated with this experience will contribute to an intrinsic motivation for our learners to continue to grow in this skill. You all are so valuable to the success of all our learners. Thank you again!
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New Genre: Opinion Writing

We are learning that authors write opinions and are able to tell why. To start this genre we spent a great deal of time working with the mentor text, Duck! Rabbit! by Rosenthal and Lichtenheld. In this delightful book, the exact same illustration is used as a rabbit and a duck. Supporting facts are used to show why it could be one or the other. We read the book multiple times and discussed each perspective. I modeled an opinion writing supporting each thought. We voted to find out our own opinion on if it is a duck or a rabbit. I am excited about having the opportunity to foster the capacity in our family for learners to have opinions and tell why they have that opinion.
Below is a link to Duck! Rabbit! on TumbleBooks. This is a site that is provided by Montgomery City-County Public Library. I have also included a link to the library home page. Once on the library website you can find the entire TumbleBooks library on the right side tool bar. This is an excellent resource for ebooks that your learner would enjoy using at home. Below is also a youtube sample reading of the book.
Duck! Rabbit! by Amy Krouse Rosenthal (Chronicle Books)

What's Coming Up

April 4-8 This week we will continue to work on the writing standard K.W.1: Writing/Compose opinion pieces. We will read the books below as mentor text. We will continue the reading of Charlotte's Web as a chapter book read aloud. We are going to work on standard K.RF.3b short/long vowels as well as continue our work on addition/subtraction. Please work on the last set of sight words. Having command of these words contributes to learners reading skills.
Focus Standards for this week: K.W.1: Writing/Compose opinion pieces.

K.RF.3b Long and short sounds for five major vowels.

*Following Resources have been added in Fresh Grade as well.

Resources for Vowels

Short Vowels:

Long Vowels:

High Frequency Words.

This is an ongoing standard. The words accumulate.

Already introduced: a, am, can, go, I, me, my, play, the, to, you, and,

blue, for, went, is, it in, little, red, yellow, look

-big, help, come, make, not, one, two, three, we, see, said

Words Currently Working on:

-where, jump, they, what, up, down, here, he, she, have, like

April 5 - Book Fair Begins, Mr. Turnipseed visits PRS, 6:00 viewing of Most Likely to Succeed

April 11 - Pre-order Yearbook

April 18 - Deadline to purchase yearbooks

April 25 - Professional Development Day for Teachers/No school for Learners

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Lunch Menu

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Scholastic Book Order

Scholastic Reading Club Link

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