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Jennifer Flynn (Visual Art), Whitney McKay (Guidance Counseling), Marie Zimmerman (Library), Alyssa Vanderpool (Music), Nick Behymer (Physical Education), Julie Dashley (Spanish)

Library with Mrs. Zimmerman

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KIndergarten - Global Read Aloud!

Students in kindergarten are participating in the Global Read Aloud! We are joining in on an author study of Lauren Castillo. Each week we read aloud a selected story either written or illustrated by Castillo. Then, students working in the retell center complete an activity on the book, and the completed work is shared on twitter with other participants. It is amazing to see what students all around the world are doing after reading the same book! Look for us on twitter as we share with the hashtags #GRA16 and #GRALauren.

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1st Grade - Then, Now, and the Future

Collaboration happened between the library and 1st grade during the last month! 1st grade students are now completing their Then, Now, and Future project based learning. Students researched, planned, and created amazing models depicting the future.

Marie Zimmerman

Library Media Specialist

Supply Donations

We appreciate your donation of any of the materials below.

  • LIBRARY MAKERSPACE NEEDS: Empty paper towel rolls and/or toilet paper rolls
  • ART ROOM NEEDS: Paper Plates (used as palettes for paint mixing)

Thank you for supporting our students' creativity!

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As we completed our Community Unit, first graders had the opportunity to work collaboratively to make our Community Collage.

Students had discussed different elements in our community - nature, buildings, people - and created a large collection of handmade collage elements using torn paper, mixed tempera paint, tissue paper, texture rubbing plates, and various drawing materials. We studied the colorful work of fine artist Romare Bearden, who used collage to document elements of his own community. After much preparation, many of our first graders worked with Officer Faught and Officer Rohlfer from the Fort Thomas Police Department who assisted with this assembly. Once all the pieces are complete we will have the large collage on display for Fort Thomas to enjoy! It's BIG and incredibly detailed!

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Each and every person in our community contributes to making our town a great place to learn and grow! Great work first graders!

Jennifer Flynn

K-5 Visual Art Educator

See below for NEW Art Contests!

Online Art Exhibits

Students have been adding to their digital portfolios on Artsonia. Parents - you can easily add relatives' email addresses into your child's account, and then they will be notified when new artwork is posted for viewing. It's a great way to share students' creativity with family members that live far away! You should receive an email and/or paper sent home with information to get started! (Their account keeps artwork from year to year, allowing you to see their visual art skills develop over time.) Visit Johnson's Gallery to see all of our amazing artworks.

Visit a LOCAL Art Show! November 6

The Art and Scholarship Department of the Fort Thomas Woman's Club is hosting Imagination Show: A Children's Art Exhibit. We have approximately 20 fourth and fifth grade Johnson Student artworks that were submitted for this exhibit, along with a paper butterfly installation created by students in Spanish class. Be sure to stop in and see all the incredible student artworks! (Just a few are pictured below!)

Exhibit Date: November 6th from 2pm - 5pm

The Fort Thomas Woman's Club

8 N Ft Thomas Ave.

Fort Thomas, KY 41075

2nd Grade Guidance with Ms. McKay

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"I am different....and that's okay."

Our theme in Guidance this month is "I am different, and that's okay." During National Bullying Prevention Month we are reinforcing the notion that differences are what make us special and unique, that the world is an amazing place because we are all different. All students at Johnson participated in bullying prevention activities, and our 2nd, 4th and 5th graders made posters celebrating their differences. Towards that end, our Journalism students have decided to make a video celebrating differences. We will be sure to share that with you once it has been edited!

These are the four videos we watched during Bullying Prevention Month:

Stand Against Bullying. Don't Be a Bystander
Bystander Revolution: Maya | Both Sides
Bystander Revolution: Neil Gaiman | Different Is Good
Bystander Revolution: Salma Hayek | Don't Give Them Power
On October 19, 2016 we also celebrated National Unity Day. The students wore orange to signify that we all are going to stand up against bullying at our school! Our 2nd graders also made signs for our cafeteria (on orange paper, of course) to send the message that it is better to be friendly than it is to be a bully.

Johnson is a respectful school

The entire school has been focused on the character trait of RESPECT during October.

Here is the definition of respect that we use at Johnson:

“Respect is a way of thinking and acting that SHOWS high regard for others. An excellent way to show this regard is to use our manners, and to pay attention to our tone of voice and body language. We can respect people, but we can also respect places and things. This month we ask that your reinforce respectful behaviors with your children/students. We show respect at Johnson.”

Whitney McKay

Guidance Counselor

3rd Grade Español with Señora Dashley

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Feliz cumpleaños

In 3rd grade Spanish we are working on saying dates. We have reviewed numbers and then months and now working on putting it all together. In the examples shown, students made a picture collage and wrote out their birthday. Then in groups, we put the collages into iMovie as a way to record ourselves saying our birthdays in Spanish! Great job 3rd grade!

En tercer grado, practicamos la fecha. Practicamos los números y los meses, y ahora los ponemos juntos para decir la fecha en español. En los ejemplos, escribimos nuestras fechas de nacimiento en Pickids and usamos iMovie para decir la fecha de nacimiento. Buen hecho!

Julie Dashley

K-5 Spanish Educator

4th & 5th Grade Music with Ms. Vanderpool

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4th Grade and 5th grade has been working hard learning how to read the treble clef staff. They will now apply this knowledge to play the recorders. The students will be using the recorder karate system where they will earn belts for each accomplished level of playing. Their recorder book and playing rubric is located in their music course on Schoology.

4th and 5th will also be creating SPOOKY Halloween music using Garageband. I can’t wait to hear their creations.


4th and 5th Grade Halloween Compositions by FlynnWay
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Kindergarten is gearing up for Thanksgiving. We have been learning songs and motions to keep the beat. We will perform these songs for our cafeteria staff to say thank you for our Thanksgiving Feast. We recently enjoyed a fun ghost song and dance with Halloween quickly approaching!
1st and 2nd grade had a blast learning how to do the Halloween Hand Jive! Watch below!
Vanderpool Video

Schoolhouse Symphony

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Third grade enjoyed a visit from the Schoolhouse Symphony. A special thanks to the PTO for supporting this program. They will return 3 more times this year to give students a “close up” learning experience with the instruments of the orchestra.

Below, see our third grade students reading the Halloween music books they created.

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Alyssa Vanderpool

K-5 Music Educator

5th Grade Physical Education with Mr. B

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In 5th grade we have begun our Catching and Throwing unit. This unit focuses on the fundamental skills of catching and throwing. I will encourage movement exploration by introducing and integrating practice with balls and other objects of various sizes, shapes, and weights. Activities include developmentally appropriate cues for throwing underhand and overhand. Students will practice throwing for accuracy and distance, at both stationary and moving targets. Throws are combined with catching skills- from a bounce and in the air, with hands and scoops. By receiving instruction and guided practice in these fundamentals, children learn the basics for many individual and team sports.

Nick Behymer

K-5 Physical Education


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Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra - NOV 19

Introduce the whole family to this charming musical story, Peter and the Wolf, on

Sat. November 19, 2016 | 10:30 AM

Every part of our orchestra helps bring this adventure to life, from the friendly bird, cat and duck (flute, clarinet and oboe), to the big, bad wolf (French horns)!

Visit the Family Fun Zone to try orchestra instruments, make a craft and more! Open pre-concert starting at 9:30 am and immediately following the concert.

Visit the CSO website for tickets and information.

Cincinnati Art Museum - REC

Rosenthal Education Center: Open Tues – Sun, 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

The Rosenthal Education Center (REC) is the new art education space inside the museum. Through dedicated interactive exhibition and studio space the collection of the Cincinnati Art Museum is brought to life for children of all ages. The REC encourages families to discover the Art Museum’s collection in a fun, immersive, hands-on and safe manner through a variety of experiences.