February Eagle Challenge

Quick brain booster!

Welcome to Ms. Sandino's February Eagle Challenge!

Every month of the 2015-2016 school year I will be putting out a monthly challenge that each and everyone of you can use as a brain booster in your classrooms. Sometimes our kids need a quick 1-2 minute break and what not a better way to bring back their attention than with exercise. As you all may know, it is proven through research that physical activity stimulates the brain so these would be awesome to add during transitions or when they have simply just lost their marbles.

This month in the February Eagle Challenge...


  • Would You Rather Fitness by Kevin Tiller
  • Developing cardiovascular endurance and muscular endurance using student CHOICE!


  • To promote fitness and strength.
  • Help students see that exercising can be fun.
  • Students get to exercise their choice which is important in their education!


  • If student can choose one exercise and follow along to the best of their ability.

Phys.Ed.Review (Would You Rather Fitness #2)

Stay tuned for the March Eagle Challenge!

Check your emails and look for the heading "Month + Eagle Challenge." Remember physical activity creates the brain cells and you as teachers fill them. The more physical activity, the more brain cells we have to fill them.