By Wesley and TJ

Game selection

Both the Xbox one and PS4 offer more than 100 unique titles each with there own different and exclusives.Although the PS4 has notable that xbox doesn't such as the last of us:remastered, bloodborne. But on the other hand Xbox One slightly tips the scales with such as Sunset overdrive, Titanfall, and Forza horizon 2. All in all, the best choice depends on what kinds of games you like.


Both the Ps4 and Xbox one were built with more than just gaming in mind. Microsoft has said time and time again regarding its bold vision were they believe in a world were there will be only one box in your living room believe it or not the one is starting to make that vision come true. It is equal streaming parts and gaming console. Both consoles have stuff like netflix hulu plus and other usual 3rd party subscriptions. The xbox one has increased its library ten times bigger since it existence, to triumph the ps4 so Xbox is the better choice for apps.


One thing many certainly but not all,gamers can agree that the xbox 360 controllers were the best ever released. The next gen controllers have changed that dynamic though. The xbox one controller is much alike the xbox 360 plus it adds two more rumble motors and loses the bulky battery pack on the back. It also has smaller thumpads on the analog sticks which is step back and you find yourself losing your grip. The Ps4 controller the dual shock 4 on the other hand, is improved all around it is bigger, has better outward curving triggers, and has a clickable touch pad on the front and the light bar has multiple different functions.Plus the thumb pads are normal human sized. So, in this case the Ps4 wins this round.