Public Schools of Brookline

Aspen Student Registration Guide - Updated November 17, 2022

Public Schools of Brookline - Registration/Enrollment Tutorial
This page provides translations and more information regarding the Public Schools of Brookline student registration application found on the Aspen Parent Portal.

The application questions will first be presented in English (through a screenshot) and then again in the translation of your choice.

Please note that this page is a resource to help complete the student enrollment process. You must still login to the Aspen Parent Portal to complete the actual application. We also recommend completing this application on a desktop or PC instead of a mobile device.


Online applications to enroll for the 2022-23 school year are now available. Please review your application carefully and select the appropriate start time for your student(s).

You can access the application at any time to begin reviewing and editing your student’s information. However, you cannot submit the online application, select an appointment time, and complete registration until after March 1.

Applications should only be completed by families who meet the residency requirements and are active residents in the Town of Brookline.

Creating a Aspen Account

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You must create an account on the Aspen Family Portal in order to access the online registration application. Aspen is the primary database on which PSB maintains the information of their students and families. Because the account you create for registration will be maintained and kept throughout your student(s) educational tenure at PSB, we highly recommend that you keep a record of your login credentials.

  • New families entering or families re-entering PSB after withdrawing from the district should begin the process by creating a new account on Aspen, even if they have previously registered through the software with another district, school, or institution. You can create an account by clicking the "request an account link" on the main Aspen page.

  • Current PSB families or families with students enrolled at PSB during 2021-22 School Year do not need to create a new Aspen account. If you have previously used our online registration software to register for BEEP, special education services, or your student’s sibling(s), please use your existing username and password. The PSB Data Team will be happy to assist you in retrieving and resetting your login credentials if necessary.

Once you have set up your Aspen account, you will receive a confirmation email from a "" account. Clicking on the link will activate your account and allow you to complete the application form.

Beginning the Application

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Once you have logged into the Aspen Portal, scroll down to the "New Student Registration" tab on the homepage. Click on the "Initiate" button to begin a new student application.


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The student application consists of ten different sections. You must complete all required fields for each section before you can proceed. All your changes are saved when you click the "Next" or "Previous" buttons. You may click "Save & Close" at any time to come back later to complete this form.

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You can access any incomplete or previously saved applications in the tab below, and also verify its status with the Office of Registration and Enrollment.


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The student section is where you complete all information for the student that you are currently registering for PSB. Please note that the information submitted in this section should be copied directly from your student(s) birth records.

The "Grade Level" field in the "Age and Grade Level" section are automatically generated based on your student's date of birth and are not representative of the grade level that they will be enrolled in at PSB. Members of the Registration and Enrollment office will discuss any discrepancies with this section at the virtual meeting.

Residency Details

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Applications should only be completed by families who meet the residency requirements and are active residents in the Town of Brookline.

  • If you are planning to move to Brookline and hope to enroll your student(s), you may begin to fill out the application when you are able to present documentation that verifies your Brookline address (i.e. leasing agreement, purchase and sale agreement). However, please note that your student(s) cannot begin schooling until they are physically residing in Brookline and have completed all placement determinations with their school-based staff.

  • Temporary residence in the Town of Brookline (4 weeks or less) for the sole purpose of attending the Public Schools of Brookline will not be considered residency. If you intend to change addresses during the registration process or will be transitioning from a temporary residence to a permanent residence in Brookline, you must present proofs of residency for both addresses in order to enroll your student(s).

  • Proof of residency does not apply to homeless students and families covered under the McKinney-Vento Act. All homeless families should contact the Public Schools of Brookline McKinney-Vento liaison, Dr. Maria Letasz, who will work with you and the Office of Registration and Enrollment to enroll your students. The liaison can be reached at 617-308-6400 (text enabled).

We respectfully ask that you request an appointment no earlier than 2 weeks prior to your date of occupancy. For example, if your lease in Brookline begins on September 1, please select a registration appointment on or after August 18.


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Aspen will automatically associate the current account logged in to the application as the student's primary parent/guardian and caregiver. Additional parent(s), guardian(s), and caregiver(s) may be added in this section here.

Address fields are only required for contacts who have physical and/or legal custody of the student. Emergency contacts may be added/removed throughout the student's educational tenure at PSB.


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Students are generally assigned to a school based on the location for their primary residence in Brookline. If you are enrolling at PSB through the Brookline METCO Program, the "Materials Fee" tuition waiver program, the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, as a student in Foster Care or as a student currently enrolled in Private/Independent school located in the Town of Brookline, please select “Non-resident”.

Students are guaranteed enrollment at their zoned school. Click here to identify what school zone your student is assigned to at PSB.

While students have a right to attend the school in the zone where they reside, the Public Schools of Brookline endorses a policy of open enrollment, subject to certain provisions and restrictions set forth by the School Committee. If your school preference differs from your zoned school, you can request a assignment preference and submit your reasons in the application form. Please note that the Office of Registration and Enrollment has the sole responsibility of determining your student(s) final school assignment.