TrekDisc Design Competition

2020 Ultimate Disc

Calling All Artists

We need student design submissions for our limited-edition order of Discraft disks.

Submissions will be taken through the end of October.

The design area is a seven-inch diameter surface on either a white or green disc (artist's choice). It must creatively include the word "TrekNorth" and have a design that's school appropriate. It may also include the compass rose logo or the mascot: the sundogs.

Ultimate discs are oftentimes a little goofy, so feel free to submit some wacky ideas.

Improve your odds of winning and submit as many designs as you'd like.

Submit Designs to Adam by Oct 30, 2020 (

Additional considerations

  • Design on computer or paper; send an image and we can figure out how to get it on the disc
  • Very fine lines will not print well; keep lines bold (1mm or wider is best)
  • 12 point font or larger for text; fonts without serifs (pointed edges) print better
  • Solid color areas should be no wider than half an inch; otherwise bubbles can form when printing

Vote for Your Favorite

Once we receive all submissions, students and staff will vote on their favorite design and TrekNorth will order discs with the design. Discs will be for sale at the front office.