Ballard Dimensions

March/April 2021

From the Superintendent's Desk

At this point, the snow is melting and it feels like spring! What a welcome change from the cold snap we endured in February. Those late starts and cancellations are such a challenge for families and staff! Thank you to everyone for keeping your spirits up during that period. Speaking of the calendar changes, we are currently scheduled to end school Thursday, June 10th. As we do every year, the Board will evaluate our end date this spring and consider modifications. Keep in mind, two constraints the Board works with is ensuring the teachers fulfill their 190 contract days and students have a minimum of 1080 hours of instruction.

Vaccine clinics are underway at Ballard. All staff wishing to have a Phizer vaccine will complete their initial shot and booster by March 22nd. 201 employees will receive the vaccine, which is about 80% of staff. The vaccine is not mandatory.

Stadium renovations will resume in March, with a completion goal of August. This will end a 4-year period of planning and construction, including both elementary buildings, the middle school, and stadium. Projects were funded with PPEL, SAVE, and General Obligation (GO) bond funds totalling nearly $25 million dollars.

During this time, the Board has saved approximately $2.5 million in interest expense through a combination of refinancing and debt prepayment. The recent February refinancing saved $450,000. Prior to the resale of this issuance, the district received an Aa3 bond rating, the highest rating in Ballard’s history. Ballard’s facilities and financial position have arguably never been better. Add to that the strong academic performance of our students in all buildings, and one can conclude the state of the district is strong.

As always, thank you for your continued support, especially in a tough year like this one. Enjoy the March thaw, and GO BOMBERS!


2021-2022 Registration Information

Registration is now open for all Preschool - 12th grade students

Ballard Community Schools require the use of our online registration system for all new and returning students. Please choose the registration process below that applies to your family. In addition to the Online Registration there are several paper documents that must be submitted for your enrollment to be processed. All required paper documents can be found on the district website.

New Family to the District

You do not have any children currently enrolled at Ballard or any of our local preschool programs

Current Ballard Family

You already have a child enrolled at Ballard Schools (EK-12) or one of the local preschool programs

For all families who have had a child enrolled in Ballard Community Schools or one of our 4 year old preschool programs, please log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account and select Online Registration from the menu. You will be able to register any existing students and add any new students to your existing household.

3 year old preschool

Ballard West offers a 3-year-old preschool program. To be eligible for 3 year old preschool, a student’s birth date must fall between 9/16/17 – 9/15/18. Registration procedures are the same as the 4-year-old program. This program requires a monthly fee.

4 year old preschool

Ballard Schools, along with several community partners, participate in the Statewide Voluntary 4-year-old Preschool Program through the Department of Education. To be eligible for 4 year old preschool, a student’s birth date must fall between 9/16/16 – 9/15/17 for the 2021-2022 academic year. This program is FREE to all families. If you are interested in your child attending any of the following preschool programs, please follow the steps below for registration.

Participating Four Year Old Programs

Ballard West Preschool: 515-228-3890

Ms. Hollie’s Preschool: 515-291-5604

Miss Wendy’s Preschool: 515-597-3478

Lily Pad Learning Center: 515-597-5437

Whistle Stop Academy: 515-597-3637


  1. Call your program of choice directly to be added to a roster. *You must get confirmation from the preschool program that you are on their roster before moving to Step 2.

  2. Register online for preschool on the Ballard Community Schools website. Regardless of your child’s attendance center, you MUST register online.

You may submit the required paper documents in one of the following ways:

1. To the Registrar at the District Office, 509 N Main Ave, Huxley, IA 50124

2. Via mail: Ballard Community Schools Attn: Registrar, 509 N Main Ave, Huxley, IA 50124

3. Via email:

Contact District Registrar, Amber Jungst with any questions or concerns about the enrollment process.


Phone: (515) 597-2811 ext. 1002.

Ballard Health Department

Immunization Requirement

Meningococcal Secondary School Vaccine Requirement:

• All students entering, advancing or transferring into 7th grade and born after September 15, 2004, will need proof of one dose of meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MenACWY). All students entering, advancing, or transferring into 12th grade and born after September 15, 1999, will need proof of two doses of meningococcal (A, C W, Y) vaccine; or 1 dose if received when the student was 16 years of age or older.

• Meningitis vaccine protects against meningococcal serogroups A, C, W, and Y. Meningococcal disease caused by any serogroup is a very serious, life-threatening illness. It is caused by bacteria that can infect the blood, brain, and spinal cord. Meningococcal bacteria are spread through upper respiratory droplets, such as saliva (kissing, living in close quarters). About 10 to 15% of people with meningococcal disease die even with appropriate treatment. Twenty percent of people recovering from meningococcal disease suffer from serious effects including permanent hearing loss, limb loss, or brain damage. Meningococcal vaccines are very safe and effective at preventing meningococcal disease. The meningococcal vaccine is 85 - 100 percent effective at preventing infection from the subtypes of meningococcus found in the vaccine.

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West Elementary News

Ballard Preschool

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Bridges Math K-2

Last year our district adopted a new K-5 math curriculum named Bridges in Mathematics. This program is designed to support student learning in the math standards through real-life contexts, manipulating or visualizing numbers and operations, and making connections between mathematical concepts clear through classroom discussion.

One way we have been able to support student math learning this year, when sharing hands-on resources is limited due to COVID mitigation strategies, is through the use of online mathematical tools. All of the tools created by the Math Learning Center are accessible online and free to all users. You can find them at

I would like to discuss a few of the apps our first grade distance learning students have been using recently to share their thinking in a way that is both visual and representative of their understanding of the underlying mathematical concepts they are learning.

I hope you will visit the Math Learning Center apps at home with your student(s) and allow them to WOW you with their math thinking! It is an awesome resource for us as parents and teachers to see their thinking, and it gives them a way to communicate visually about their ideas.

Submitted by Kara Dietrich
West Instructional Coach/Distance Learning Teacher

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East Elementary News

Celebrating Growth in 5th Grade

Woo hoo! See how we grew! The fifth-grade teachers wanted to showcase the growth all of our students have made so far this year. What better way to celebrate that student success than with a confetti wall! Students had an opportunity to earn a piece of confetti for each of our four tests; aReading, CBMR, aMath and CAP. Each piece of confetti signified individual growth from the Fall test to the Winter test. After each test, students got their name added to a piece of confetti and the confetti made its way onto the wall. It was so fun watching the amount of confetti continue to grow after each test. It even started to outgrow our wall! We cannot wait to continue to celebrate the growth our 5th graders make throughout the rest of the year!

Submitted by Ashley Cunningham, 5th grade Teacher

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Middle School News

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High School News

The Drallab Community Talent Show and Lutefish and Lefse Feed Fest

What does the play director do when the musical director has to cancel back-to-back shows? Invites the music program to do a co-sponsored show for the spring! Lisa Ronca, Peter Krum, Shelly Holly, and Kaily Walsh are excited to announce that we will be doing a play/musical on April 16 and 17. (There is a possibility of an additional performance day depending on audience numbers.) The students are excited to have a show; it is giving them a sense of normalcy, and we are so in need of fine arts fun!

Written by Lisa Ronca, the play is called, "The Drallab Community Talent Show and Lutefisk and Lefse Feed Fest." It is a spoof about a small Norwegian-loving community (Drallab) hosting a talent show for the locals. Complete with dad jokes, Norwegian jokes, a Masked Singer, a Ventriloquist, a Napoleon Dynamite wannabe, an Impersonator, and multiple acting, singing, and dancing groups, this is show has something for everyone (Well, unless you are looking for something serious. There is none of that--we need laughter right now, folks!)

Cast list is below. Come see some of your favorite performers, and there will even be a live vote for your favorite performance! Tickets will go on sale in March.

Cast List (In order of scenes):

Emcee 1: Rachel Stephany (Fri.), Aurora Olson (Sat.)

Emcee 2: Jude Albrecht

Crew 1: Andrew Lindsay

Crew 2: Sarah Hartman

Stage Manager/Jason: Jonathan Zugay

IBO: Lad Darter

Boogie Bobbles: Mya Patterson, Gracie Jepsen, Fernando Avalos,

Connor Drew, Mason Murphy, Sam Petersen, Nolan Schonhorst,

Kyler Watson
Jennifer: Emily Connell

Les Miz Group: Emily Connell, Ellis Giles, Delaney Halverson, Kaylee Van Pelt,
Kayla Evans, Emily Lanza, Katie Bollig, Natalie Wilson, Amelia Gogerty, Erica
Espinoza, Makayla Cornelius, Courtney Block, Rachel Huisinga, Lundyn Jones, Sabrina

Wright, Sunny Sigurdardottir, Abby Zielke, Melody Rhodes, Nora Nosekabel

Allison: Aurora Olson (Fri.), Rachel Stephany (Sat.)

Mom: Nora Nosekabel

You Can’t Stop the Beat: Emily Connell, Ellis Giles, Delaney Halverson, Kayla Evans,
Emily Lanza, Katie Bollig, Makayla Cornelius, Lundyn Jones, Sunny Sigurdardottir, Abby

Zielke, Maddie Miller, Gracie Jepsen, Caitlin Maher, Mya Patterson, Kaylee VanPelt,

Isabelle Ramer

Sven Svenson: Jack Chism

Violet: Kaylee VanPelt

Julio: Hudson Nebbe

Light Show: Molly Ihle, Caitlin Maher, Quinn Thompson, Meg Rietz, Audra Jahn, Brooke

Loewe, Lily Gowen, Kate Miller, Ashley Wuestenberg

Never Gonna Give You Up: Surprise

Sam: Katie Bollig

Chrissy P: Emily Lanza

Popular: Ellis Giles

Les McBurney and Boat Captain: Alex Wiech

Kim: Maddie Miller

Helen: Kayla Evans

Guy and Earl: Kade Miller

Jake and Fiancee: Ethan Lederer

Daffodil: Delaney Halverson

Marcy and Cow: Isabelle Ramer

Ballard Community Members and Ballard Alumni, please considering helping Ballard High School connect our current students to careers by completing a questionnaire about yourself and your work experience. View the image for more details and complete the questionnaire here:
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