Let them eat cake!

Now that we've finished up our Personal Safety program, we can get back to our regularly scheduled counseling curriculum. First up- Honor Code cake! Last year in Kindergarten the students began learning about the Holy Trinity Honor Code through books that illustrated each of the five tenants of the Honor Code. Wouldn't you know- we didn't finish! So this year we've been working on wrapping that up; cake is coming to 1-1 this week and 1-2 will be ready for it soon. Ask your student to recite the honor code!

More to come!

We'll be diving into books by Julia Cook ( to help us with such issues as personal space, good sportsmanship and cooperation. Mr. Denny's class already received their graduation certificate from Personal Space Camp!
Also in first grade we continue to have Kindness Pals, with whom we interact in positive ways such as sharing classroom items, giving them a compliment or inviting them to play. In this way we are continuing to learn about friendship and community. You can expect that your child will be paired with each of his/ her classmates by the end of the year. Ask them today who their Kindness Pal is and what they've done with them!

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