means secure with rings

Basic life facts

  • goddess of witches
  • lived in between the sea and the river Okeanos in the mythical island of Asi
  • considered a goddess because she was immortal
  • sees non-existing creatures, but can curse on men to also see teh beast creatures
  • her hair resembles flames

Story of Circe

Circe turned Odysseus's men into pigs. When Odysseus tries to rescue them, he is told by Hermes to eat an herb called moly to help protect himself from Circe. Odysseus overpowers Circe frocing her to change his men back into human form. They soon became lovers until Odysseus's men convinced himm to travel once more.


  • parents are Helios & Pereis
  • brother are Aeetes and Perses
  • sister is Pasiphae


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