Guide dogs helping the blind

How we can help and more about the dogs.

What are guide dogs?

Guide Dogs are assistance dogs trained to help the blind or visually impaired people lead a more independent life. They help their blind masters navigate around the obstacles that the sighted take for granted, and in this way make travel much safer for them.

Why are guide dogs important?

       The guide dogs are trained to avoid obstacles in the handler’s path and safely guide them around those obstacles. These obstacles might include low hanging branches, breaks in pavement (potholes), utility poles, mail boxes or curb cuts. They can also learn a handler’s common routes, for example between home and work, and lead them there on command.Guide dogs are trained in "intelligent disobedience." If given a command to move forward when it is unsafe to do so, the dog will refuse. For example, if the handler signals the dog to move forward into the street and a car is coming, the dog will refuse the command.They help their blind handler by leading them so they don’t step in/on something, fall, trip, they are just to guide them so they don’t unknowingly walk in front of a car, or go down stairs. By getting to know the traits of the dog and the dog getting to know in turn the traits of the person, they communicate so that the person who is blind has an easier time getting around. Guide dogs guide their blind partners around obstacles that might injure them. They are also for blind people who can’t see and they are trained to open doors or alarm the blind person of harm or danger and also to let them be aware of their surroundings.

Let's watch a video about the guide dogs

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Let's do our part!

We can help the blind by assisting them when we see them in need,e.g.:When you see a blind person, who is in need of crossing the road, you can help him/her cross the road, and NEVER make fun of his/her disabilities. You would be a very nice person if you did these helpful things.Thanks!

Done by: Li Ying and Jing Ru

Hope that you will find out more about guide dogs after reading our flyer!