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Weekly Update ~ April 5, 2021

Dear Parents,

In previous communications, we shared the Governor allotted 5 days for "Remote Planning" to every school district through his pandemic Executive Order last year. These days are to be used to plan for the unforeseen impact the pandemic has brought to teaching and learning. We used two of these days last fall as we planned to shift briefly from in-person learning to full remote before winter break. Students do not receive instruction during Remote Planning days. However, these days count on our school calendar with the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) and do not need to be made up at the end of the school year.

It's around this time of year our administration and staff are beginning to plan for summer and the fall return to school. We expect to open school in a model that allows all students to return in late August. To do this effectively, we are still working within updated health protocols from the state and are also developing strategies to meet the social and emotional impact of a full return for all of our students and staff. Administration would like to use April 30 and June 1 as Remote Planning days with staff to accomplish this summer and fall planning.

Please note these dates on your calendar that students will not be in session.

Thank you for your continued support as we plan for the future with the best interest of our students and staff in mind.

PTO News


Our next PTO meeting is this Wednesday, April 7th at 11:30am. Please find the Agenda HERE and Meeting Minutes from March HERE.

Join Zoom Meeting

Dial In: 1 312 626 6799

Meeting ID: 920 9299 7699
Passcode: hM08zC


The Oak Grove PTO is partnering with Shakou Restaurant in Downtown Libertyville. The PTO is passionate about supporting local businesses and thankful for all the support given back by our wonderful community! The PTO would like to give a big THANK YOU to Shakou for offering this opportunity! We would also like to give a Big Eagles Welcome to the Garvanian family, who are part owners of Shakou. They have two daughters, Amelia and Charlotte, who will be incoming Eagles. Please help support our local family business and PTO by ordering dinner from Shakou on Tuesday, April, 13th! You can make reservations here at https://resy.com/cities/lvl/shakou-libertyville or call for Carry-Out at 224-433-6675. Delivery is available through DoorDash.com, Grubhub.com, Seamless.com, and Alohaorderonline.com.

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Curriculum Corner

Hello Oak Grove Community,

Spring has finally arrived and with that comes the opportunity for more outdoor fun! Here are a few academic benefits for outdoor play:

  1. It’s a real life science experiment. What happens when you mix water and dirt? I wonder what would happen if I make a “magic potion” with flower petals, pebbles and sand? What does the inside of an acorn look like? All of these are great scientific questions that can only be solved with hands-on experiments. Be warned - they will come in dirty and smell like summer fun.

  2. It promotes physical health. With us sitting by computers and tablets now more than ever, physical movement becomes even more important. Why not enjoy the great weather by running, jumping, dancing and walking in the fresh air. All of these activities require balance, gross motor skills and allows for developing the habit of being active.

  3. Offers time for appropriate risk taking. Playing outside allows kids to run faster, talk louder, jump higher and climb on stuff. All of these are good skills to learn while being safely monitored by an adult.

For more academic reasons that outdoor play is a good idea, see the article posted by NAEYC, “Rocking and Rolling. Fresh Air, Fun, and Exploration: Why Outdoor Play Is Essential for Healthy Development”, by Kathy Kinsner, May 2019.

Dress Code Reminder

Dear Families,

As we openly welcome spring and the warmer weather, we wanted to remind families about the dress code for school. Please see page 18 of the parent handbook. Here is a reminder:


  1. In general, student attire should be such that it does not draw overt attention to it and disrupt the educational process.

  2. No student will be allowed to wear footwear that is designed so that unnecessary noise is made while walking or that damage can be done to the school's floor.

  3. Shirts/blouses that contain inappropriate phrases that refer to alcohol, drugs, sex or tobacco are not allowed. Mesh shirts, tank tops, halter-tops and shirts that do not completely cover the midriff are unacceptable for Junior High students.

  4. Shorts and dresses are permitted, however they must cover half the thigh.

  5. Dress worn to school must be worn during the school day, including lunch periods. The exception to the rule would be gym clothes worn during gym class.

  6. Final decision on proper attire will rest with the administration.

Honor Society

The Protective Equipment Drive has gone so well that the amount of PPE Oak Grove donated could barely fit in an entire car! This is just a reminder that the drive ends this Friday. If you haven't donated yet, make sure you donate so that your class can win Oak Grove Pride!

You can donate any amount of protective equipment from the list below:

1) Disposable Masks (Sealed or in a plastic bag)

2) Hand sanitizer (Any size)

3) Latex-free disposable gloves

4) Disinfectant wipes

5) Any type of protective equipment is allowed

Students should place the personal protective equipment in a bag with their teacher's name on it, and drop it off to either their homeroom teacher or the box in front of the school. The class that donates the most protective equipment wins Oak Grove pride and an announcement shoutout! Get your donations ready today!

Written by: Prem Acharya, eighth grade Honor Society member

Virtual Backpack

Please click HERE to view the flyers in our virtual backpack. Flyers are updated weekly, so please check back often so you won't miss any of the events going on in our community.

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