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Jamie Pernecky

Big Wittier Earthquake

The house started to shake with epic propositions of power I was so scared.” I interviewed my mom Alyson Pernecky. This earthquake shook on October 1st 1987
The earthquake took place at 7:30am were studying for a test at their dining table before Alyson went to school. She and her mother had a chandelier hanging above them. Alyson felt the shaking for a full thirty seconds which she said felt like a life time.
She ran under the door way because it is the most safe place to be. Her mother hid under the table. She told her mother to get out before she was smashed by the chandelier .So then her mother grabbed their dog and ran to the doorway. Minor damages were caused by this earthquake.

Next time she said she would have no chandelier above the dining table. She would also have more stable things on the shelfs.

written by reporter Jamie Pernecky
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