Taylor's Territory

Class News for 4/27 - 5/1

Skills This Week

We are still going to have our regular word stem study, but will do everything in class this week. The quiz will be on Friday as usual.
Test taking techniques are being stressed before the TCAP begins tomorrow.
Also, we discussed the importance of getting a good night's rest, eating a balanced protein/complex carb breakfast and getting to school on time.

Class News

TCAP starts tomorrow. We will complete Reading, Math is on Wednesday, and Science on Thursday. Friday is reserved for make-up tests. The SS test is scheduled for May 11 - 12. I will provide more information on this as it becomes available.
Thanks to all of you who are sending snacks and water for this week's testing. We really appreciate it so much.
If you have not sent in notes for your child yet, please send them in ASAP. I put them out on the desks this afternoon. If your child doesn't have one, I gave them one, but of course coming from their parents means much more. I just didn't want them to have an empty desktop tomorrow morning.
This Friday there is a dance for grades 3-6. The cost is $2.00. Some teachers will be chaperones. I will not be attending due to previous plans. The proceeds go to the robotics. I believe the PTA newsletter has the information about it. It will be held in the after school hours.
Just a reminder to send a light jacket for TCAP as the AC will be running, and it doesn't adjust easily. A jacket can be slipped on and off as needed.
This is a time to shine for we have the best and brightest students! It's a time to show what we know!