Twice Exceptional Seminar

Setting the Standards for Exceptional Learners'

There are a number of characteristics these students have in common

  • Struggle with basic skills due to cognitive processing difficulties
  • High verbal ability but difficulty in written language
  • There is often a discrepancy between verbal and written word
  • Often show attention deficit problems but may concentrate for long periods in area of interest
  • Poor organization
  • Analytic thinkers
  • Demonstrate strong observational skills but have difficulty with memory skills

Testing of gifted and twice-exceptional learners

Children are given an (IQ) test to determine their mental range

The first test will consist of (Reading Comprehension)

The second test will consist of ability to interpret information visually

The third test will consist of auditory abilities (Focusing on Directions)

Writing Abilities/ Speech and Language Skills

Our Exceptional Student Educators

Accommodations for twice-exceptional learners

  • Provide services with an Exceptional Student Educator (one on one or group session)
  • Provide an (Individual Educational Plan or Individual Family Service Plan)
  • Provide devices and accessories' for benefit of student (Interactive board, I-Pads, Interactive books, etc.)
  • Provide multiple breaks during standardize testing
  • Provide a proper team to manage the accomplishments of the students set goals.
  • Involve Parents and General Educator in all plan modifications of the (IEP/IFSP)

Presented by your Nationally Certified Exceptional Student Educators

Mrs. Alicia Sanfilippo

Ms. Brandye Wrencher

Mr. Patrick Cox

Mr. Reginald Rogers.

We are Reaching the Goals of our Exceptional Students with a Vision that Works

Save the dates June 25-27, 2015

6/25/15 9-1pm EST Time (Mrs. Armstrong on ASD)

6/26/15 9-1 pm EST Time (Mrs. Katia Abdul on Growing by Leaps and Bounds)

6/27/15 9-1 pm EST Time (Ms. Brandye Wrencher on Changing a Challenge into a Progress)