Chamberlains Senior Bulletin

Vol. 5 The Holiday Edition!

Interims! Oy Vey!

Interims. Ouch! And looking back at Q1 final grades make it a super ouch!

It leaves me w some questions, which hopefully you're taking time to enter into the senior google doc.

1. What is the primary cause?

2. What are we doing to intervene?

3. What can I do to help?

I know that for some of them the major issue is attendance. I hear that loud and clear. please make sure that you are calling home on the kiddos you don't see. You'd be surprised how many times parents are clueless and want to support you!

I appreciate the use of Edmodo as an intervention tool! Keep it up! And if you aren't on board, consider getting there bc it is helpful!

Lastly, how can I support you? I feel like I preach at the kids all of the time, but I am willing to do more of that! Anyone who you feel needs some extra love from me, tell me and I will get with them immediately! I am here for you! Just ask!

Senior Go Fund Me Account

Please post into your personal social media accounts for our seniors!

We NEED You!

Please play in the staff student game on the 18th! I'm getting pied for the cause! See Ms O for details!

We also need candy cane donations! Please consider donating a box of regular sized candy canes to the senior class for their fundraiser!

Participate in holiday spirit week!

You're a big deal, and you didn't even know it.

You are, don't sell yourself short. I had a lot of conversations w kids this week. Some of our star students, some of those kids who lay low in the shadows hoping to not be called on and some of our most challenging kids who are the hardest to talk to. It was a long week. But you know what they all had in common? They needed you! Not that you weren't there, but they needed something from you desperately. They needed your time and you to say "get a grip ______!" Or "what were you thinking!" And most importantly, "I got your back____." It's true. You matter so much it's daunting.

Every day I tell one of Ms Culbreths kids I love him. It seems trite and silly, but I am not sure he hears it at home. So I tell him. Even when he's been a challenge and has exhausted me. Maybe that's when it is most important.

So I chose the attached TED Talk on purpose. Make sure that before they leave on Friday and go out and face worlds that many of us cannot imagine or before holiday break when they may or may not get any gifts, that you revel in the fact that they need you and that you use that immense power to make them feel valued and loved. Seems like a small thing to do, but it will have sooooo much impact.

(Hopping off my soap box) I need you too. You're my army for success. So just like I asked you, I want to make sure you each know that I sincerely appreciate all of the work you do for the seniors (juniors too).

Enjoy the video.