18-24 months

By: Shauntel Frye, Nichole Bugner

Physical Development

- The toddler will continue teething as his/her's teeth develops more

- weight: 17-30 pounds

-Height: 27-34 inches

Social and emotional Development

- Enjoys playing alone for short period of times

-Likes to do things without help

an 18-24 month old is trying hard to assert independence. They tend to say the words NO or MINE.

-They have troubles sharing

- Hits, pushes, and may grab someone else's toys

Mental Development

-The Child we being experiencing new emotions such as anger, frustration, guilt, shame, possessiveness, and excitement.

- But the toddler will experience that it is hard to deal with these emotions, you might see some temper tantrums

Appropriate Toys

-WOODEN building blocks

-Race car toys

- Baby Lego pieces

18-24 month Mildstones

- Turns one board book page (18-24 months time period)

- Carries book around the house (18-24 months)

-"Reads" to dolls or stuffed animals (18-24 months)

- Walks up stairs with assistance (18-24 months)

-Has a highly variable attention span (18-24 months)