Sex and Gender Inequality

Promoting equality for all!

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Gender is the state of being a male or a female. The people and things around you transfer values and attitudes regarding how boys and girls should behave in a process called gender socialization. This process is the social process of learning how to act as a boy or a girl.

Theories about gender inequality

  • Nature vs. Nature Issues: Does biology or does socialization play a greater role in gender differences?
  • Conflict Theory: It's to men's advantage to prevent women from gaining access to political economic, and social resources.
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History of Gender Inequality

Throughout history, women have gone through and faced discrimination. They've had to go through a lack of legal rights and being viewed as less than fully human. Females are believed to be naturally more passive than males and in greater need of protection. Because of this, males think that they are less than they are. Even through people view women this way, any mental or emotional imitations implied by early divisions of labor have been disproven by the large number of successful women in leadership positions in every facet of public life.

How to Get Involved With Ending Gender Discrimination

  • Increase public awareness
  • Increase enforcement of existing laws
  • Join "Half The Sky" which is an organization that focuses on turning oppression into opportunity for women worldwide.
  • Join "Because I'm a Girl" which is a global initiative to support a generation of empowered girls, women, mothers, workers, and leaders to improve the world. This organization recognizes the incredible potential and power that girls and women have to change the future.
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Gender Inequality in the U.S.

Discussion questions

Is gender equality possible?

Should sex segregated schools be allowed?

Should women be allowed on the front lines of war?

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