Snow White and the three Step Mums

Chapter 1

Once upon a time there was a girl named Snow white. She lived with a grumpy evil Dwarf. The Dwarf would force snow white Snow white to sleep on the floor and eat rotten meat but Snow white was happy she had a place to stay and eat and sleep.

One day Snow white cooked some meat for the Dwarf but the meat tasted like rotten meat

Chapter 2

Then the Dwarf threw plates at her.Snow white ran to the woods.It was night and she remembered a story of a evil man.She became very frightened so she found the richest house ever. She saw 3 step mums they said,, Hi snow white i hear you got thrown in a castle why are you here’’?.Snow white explained what happened.Then they cleaned Snow white and gave her a cross bow that has a potion in there that would the evil dwarf nice.

Chapter 3

The evil Dwarf came to the house.She had a potion that would kill Snow white.But Snow white shot the potion in the bolt and the evil dwarf turned nice then they all had a cup of tea and they lived happily ever after.