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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ June 4

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Looking Ahead ~ Thank You!

It's been quite a year, but since this is the final Lakeview family newsletter for the 2020-21 school year, it contains many important items for next school year. Please read carefully. We will leave this newsletter linked on the Lakeview homepage for the summer until we send another update, in case you need to find this information again in the coming months.

THANK YOU! We have all rediscovered the importance of relationships and teamwork during the pandemic. The staff of Lakeview is on a team with our families - and we're all working together for our students. There are no "spectators" in this game - we are all essential players as we build a better future TOGETHER! Thanks for making it through these past two years with us. Enjoy your summer and we'll see you in September!

School Supply List for 2021-22

Here is a link to the school supply list for next year. It is posted on the Lakeview website in case you need to find it while you are at the store this summer. Please note that we are sending home all of our student's headphones this summer and students will need headphones again next school year.

Calendar for 2021-22 School Year

Please print and/or mark the dates in next school year's calendar in your home calendar now. Here is the link to the calendar and you can always find it on the district website. We depend on you to know these dates and times, including early dismissal dates in 2021-22.

Open House for all SM elementary schools is Wednesday, August 25th from 5-7 p.m.

The first day of school for 5K-12th grade is Wednesday, September 1st.

4K visitation day (parent attends with child) is September 1st and the first regular day of 4K is on September 2nd.

The school hours will remain the same next year:

5K through 5th grade is 8:30-3:35

All-day 4K is also 8:30-3:35, but only Monday through Thursday

Need to get in touch with us over the summer?

The best way to reach the office at Lakeview over the summer is to send an email. Our emails are found on the Lakeview homepage. If you call and leave a voicemail, it will probably take at least a week to return the call, but someone will get back to you. Please note that the district is replacing our phone system on June 14, so there will not be any phone service (including voicemail) that day and possible a few other sporadic times during the same week.

Goodbye & Hello

Each year, we have a few staff leaving or joining.

As 2020-21 comes to a close, we bid a fond farewell to Ms. Jastrow, our library assistant, who has been a paraprofessional in South Milwaukee for many years. Ms. Jastrow helps all of our students love to read. As the library assistant, she was also Lakeview's "chief tech solver". If your child had a problem with his/her Chromebook in the last 2 years, Ms. Jastrow probably helped fix it. Thank you, Ms. Jastrow!

We also say thank you to Ms. Schefelker, a district math coach. Ms. Schefelker is retiring after a very successful career. She works with people and districts across the nation on innovative and rigorous math practices. The teachers your children have at Lakeview are incredible math educators, largely because of Ms. Schefelker's work with our staff. Happy retirement!

We will have two instructional coaches at Lakeview next year. Please welcome Ms. April Sterbin as a new coach based at Lakeview. Ms. Sterbin is an award-winning educator who was most recently in Racine as a math coach. She joins Ms. Swick as a coach for next school year.

We also welcome Ms. Jende as our new faculty secretary starting in August. All of our students know Ms. Jende because she has worked in Food Service at Lakeview for the past several years. Now, she will be working with Ms. Terranova in the office. Another new staff member is Ms. Beckett, our new school psychologist, who will be shared between Lakeview and Rawson.

Because we had additional staff this year due to SMVA that will not be with us in 2021-22, we have some staff members that have found positions elsewhere, either at another school in South Milwaukee or elsewhere. This includes Mr. Lubetski (4K/5K/1st Special Education), Ms. Dooley (1st grade), Mr. Crawford (4th grade), and Ms. Hacker (some Speech and Language services). Thank you for your devoted service to the students of Lakeview! Your new schools are very fortunate and we will miss you!

Staff for 2021-22

This is our staff list at Lakeview, as of June 4th. Please note - we do not take teacher requests - this is just for your information. This list includes teaching staff only (not our valued paraprofessionals or other staff members).

All-day 4K - Ms. Maes

5K - Ms. DeBruin and Ms. Hirthe

1st grade - Ms. Brever and Ms. Zoellner

4K/5K/1st Special Ed - Ms. Scales

2nd grade - Ms. Benn, Ms. Busalacchi, Mr. Tinsen

3rd grade - Ms. Manthe and Ms. Sodemann

2nd/3rd Special Ed - Ms. Grossman

4th grade - Ms. Carrier and Ms. Mortier

5th grade - Ms. Paul and Ms. Wilke

4th/5th Special Ed - Ms. Hartung

Instructional Coaches - Ms. Swick and Ms. Sterbin

Reading Teachers - Ms. Hanneman and Ms. Passentino

Specials - Ms. Drake-Hames (art), Ms. Tinsen (music), Mr. Walters (PE), library TBD

Pupil Services - Ms. Nillissen (social worker), Ms. Markosen (Speech and Language), Ms. Fox (SEL), Ms. Beckett (school psychologist), Ms. Giera (OT), Ms. Ganske (PT), Ms. Harmeyer (Gifted and Talented)

Class lists - We will follow the same procedure as recent school years. If you have registered in Infinite Campus online by August 19, you will receive a postcard in the mail with your classroom teacher before Open House. If you do not complete online registration, you will not receive a postcard. Online registration opens in mid-June (watch your email). We will not post class lists on the front doors anymore to ensure student privacy & security.

If you are not returning to Lakeview, please let us know and register with your new school as soon as possible so the new school can request your child(ren)'s records.

Last Week of School Activities

Yearbook distribution will happen on the last days of school. Please talk to your child about how to treat their own yearbook with respect as well as that of other students. We do not have extra yearbooks on hand to replace damaged or vandalized copies.

Field Day is on Wednesday afternoon, June 9th. Mr. Walters and his volunteers have organized several Olympic events to celebrate the end of the 2020-21 school year.

Last Day of School is Noon Dismissal - Bag lunch will be provided and students will be dismissed at noon on Thursday, June 10. Report cards will come home this day.

Chromebooks will be collected from all 4K-4th grade students at the end of this year. 5th grade will keep their Chromebooks over the summer and bring them to the middle school at the beginning of 6th grade.

5th Grade Recognition

As another year comes to a close, we are excited to celebrate our 5th graders who are closing the "Lakeview chapter" of their stories. Our traditional 5th grade recognition ceremony will look just a little different this year, as it will be happening virtually at all four elementary schools. The date will be Tuesday, June 8th at 6:30 PM. You will receive an email at 6:30 p.m. with a link to the celebration created by our 5th grade team. This is for both in-person and Lakeview SMVA students.

Summer School

• The first day of Summer School is on Tuesday, June 22.

• There is school on Monday, July 5.

• The last day of Summer School is on Thursday, July 29.

Summer School is Monday through Thursday (in-person) at the high school. All student drop off and pickup is at the gym doors. Doors open at 7:55 a.m. and the first class starts at 8:00 a.m. If your child has signed up for four hours of classes, they are done at noon and must be picked up promptly. If students start later than 8:00 or are done before noon, they may not wait at the high school - students may only be in the building for the times when they are enrolled in a class. On the way out at noon, students will receive a free bag lunch. Families will pick up students outside the gym doors at the high school, so you will need to park in the lot and meet your child(ren) outside in a spot established by your child's last teacher each day. Students will still be wearing masks for indoor summer school classes.

Please note: There are absolutely no registrations being accepted for Summer School at this time and there will not be any registrations taken in-person at Summer School in June. Registrations were due in early May.

More about Summer Reading!

Please see this information from the South Milwaukee Public Library about the annual summer reading programs. It is so important to keep reading all summer, and our public libraries do a fantastic job!

4K Registration

4K registration for the 2021-2022 school year is now open. Please read this information and follow the instructions for registration. Existing families received an email on February 26 with this same information - you will log into your Infinite Campus portal and add a new student to your family. If you have any questions, contact the office at Lakeview. Please forward this information to anyone you know that might be interested in 4K for next school year. We can't wait to meet the class of 2035!