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Tai Gives You Health And Fitness At The Same Time

Is a sport, "Tai Po" the most suitable sports event for women, where the movements of light and dancer pay women to exercise enthusiastically without feeling any fatigue or discomfort, and combines this sport between movement’s exercises "aerobics", and some of the movements of martial arts and some exercises dance

It is also the sport of the most suitable sports for the health of the heart, as it works to strengthen the heart muscle due to the movements required by the lively and works to stimulate blood circulation. They also contribute to the reduction of sugar in the blood and thus help in the treatment of diabetes or even prevent it, and help movements "Tai Po" in the discharge of cargo every nerve in the body, and thus eliminate the stress and depression, and contribute to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood

On the other hand, operate the sport to burn more calories than women when compared to the exercise of hours of sport, "aerobics", what gives you the agility. It also helps to tighten the muscles of the body and remove all among women.

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