Beach Erosion

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What are the two main issues with beach erosion?

Two of the biggest issues with beach erosion are wildlife extinction and no more sand. if beach erosion continues then all of our plants and habbitats will be wiped out, also the sand on our beaches will soon all be pulled into the ocean by tidal waves and some day all there will be is water. There will not be any sand left.

What are Some negitive effects?

Some of the negitive effects on beach erosion are are that habbitats and species are eventually going to go extinct if we dont find a solution. another negitive effect is that we will lose our beach witch will eventually cause a stop to any tourists.

What is the most affected area for beach erosion?

The most effected are is the gulf coast. Citizens volunteer almost every day to go to the beach and plant plants to try and slow down beach erosion. they will do this until there is a better solution. They have even started using dead christmas trees to try and prevent it. So far it is working for their advantage.

What is the most affected wildlife?

At the moment the most affected wildlife are the plants on the beach.

How is Wildlife affected

Beach erosion slowley kills wildlife.It has and will continue to be an issuefor the U.S. expecially the gulf South. if this problem is not solved then plants, animals, and habbitats will continue to wither away.

Does it occur in League City?

Beach erosion doesnt occur in League City because there are no major beaches. However if there are ant beaches formed over time then it is possible.

Does it affect people?

Yes, beach erosion affects thosands of people. If you live on a beach you will always have to be concerned about beach erosion because if all the sand erodes then your house will be flooded.

How does beach erosion occur?

Beach erosion is the removal of sand from a beach into deeper waters offshore or alongshore into inlets. It is caused when tidal waves drag the sand into the ocean.

What are some solutions?

Some solutions that have been created are planting plants and used a machine called a groin. This machine takes the sand out of the water and replinishes it onto our beaches. alot of people have said that this machine has been very helpful but then again some scientists belive that it may ruin our oceans.
Bay of Fundy Erosion Time Lapse