Mission San Diego de Alcala

By,Juan Cornejo

Mission History

Mission San Diego de Alcala was made on July 16,1769.Mission San Diego de Alcala was the first mission.The indians at the mission were the Kumeyaay.The founder of the mission was Fray Junipero Serra.In 1800 a drought came and a flood.1894 bells were hung.November 5,1775 Indians attacked the mission.The location of mission San Diego is near San Diego Bay.

Daily life at the mission

Priests,fathers,and aindians lived at Mission San Diego de Alcala.Fray Junipero Serra was in charge of the mission.Men,and women had jobs to do.Men worked in fields ,orchards,or workshops.The women made food,baskets,cloth,and soap.They grew crops such as weat,beans,corn,barley,and grapes.Mission San Diego de Alcala did have a church next to the bell wall.

Mission today

Mission San Diego de Alcala is still open.Mission San Diego de Alcala serves as a church.It also serves a historical center.Mission San Diego de Alcala does not have field trips


Mission San Diego de Alcala Kathleen J. Edgar and Susan E. Edgar,

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