The Top 5 Songs of 2013

Georgia Rogers


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Diana Young, by Vampire Weekend

I chose this song as number five because of the fast pace tempo and the catchy beat. The sudden stops and starts also make it quite enjoyable. The music video is strange and eye catching, while the whole time a party revolves around a masked man who is completely oblivious to those around him.


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Dangerous, Big Data

The reason I have chosen this song for my fourth top song of 2013 is because of its catchy lyrics and up-beat tempo. It was published in early 2013. And it has become a favorite for stations such as Alt-Nation and others.


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Team, by Lorde

Lorde is a new and rising star. Her lyrics speak of the harder lives people have, and always incorporate the truth. This is what makes her and her music so unique. Especially here song 'Team' which I have chose as my top third song, because of the way she mixes a fantasy with the reality of her situation.


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Sweater Weather, The Neighborhood

Sweater Weather is number two on my list because of its jumps and turns in tempo. It goes from fast and upbeat to slow and almost sad in an instance. The neighbor published this song on April 19th, 2013.


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Bad Blood, Bastille

During the summer Bastille became famous fast for their song 'Pompeii'(especially at the Duke TIP program where it became the theme song for the third floor girls), but their song 'Bad Blood' has been in the lime light most recently. The song follows the bands tendency to incorporate lessons into their songs, usually through the failure of history. 'Bad Blood' is no different, but it shows it through the eyes of the singer himself and therefore becomes more relate-able to the listener.