Jacksonhole, Wyoming

Tourist Town

Location - Where is it?

Jackson Hole is located in the western part of Wyoming. It is a thirty minute drive from Yellowstone National Park. It is a twenty minute drive from Grand Tetons National Park. Jackson Hole's exact location is 43.5167° N, 110.8333° W.

Human-Enviornment Interaction - What is the relationship beetween humans and nature?

Jackson Hole was built in a large valley and that is how it got its name. The first person to live there was named "Jackson" and the valley looked like a big hole so that is why it is called Jackson Hole. When humans built the town they blocked where the elk migrated. Now every winter the elk get stuck and the people have to feed them. Jackson Hole is a tourist town. Every year people come there to ski in the winter and fish, hike or canoe in the summer. Overall people come to Jackson Hole to the enjoy nature.

Movement - Why people move to or from?

The amount of tourists in the city compared to the amount of residents in Jackson is ridculous. The reason why there are so many tourists in Jackson is because it is right next to two of the best National Parks in America. But the amount of people that live there is so low because it is so expensive to live there and the town is always mobbed with tourists. Even during the hot summers and bitter cold winters the tourists keep pouring in.

Place - What is it like there?

Jackson Hole is a nice little town. A bunch of cool stores and amazing restaurants surround a little park in the middle of town. Big mountains surround the town in every direction. There is a big ski resort on one of the mountains close to town. There are many hotels and other businesses in town to serve the tourists.

Region - How is it connected to places around it?

Jackson Hole, Wyoming is in the West Region. Montana and Utah are also in the Western Region right next to Wyoming. The states around Jackson have a lot of things in common so they are put into groups together. Wyoming has Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. Montana has Glacier National park. Utah has Bryce Canyon. As you see all these states have big natural tourist attractions like Wyoming. So they are put into a group. This group is called the Western Region. There are also more states in the West Region besides Wyoming, Montana, and Utah. The same things work for cities. The cities around Jackson Hole are also close to Yellowstone so they get a lot of tourist rolling threw wanting to see Yellowstone. These towns are also in the Western Region. Smaller Regions can also be divided by other things like religion, language, and so on.