Autumn Creek Elementary Newsletter

Special Edition for Transportation

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Principal's Message

We are just about ready for day 1! We had a team of staff and volunteers who worked countless hours over the last week to get our instructional materials out to classrooms! Every classroom now has its furniture, a New Line touch screen, and all student tables. Hallways are clear and crews will continue to clean the building between now and the first day!

We are ready for you and are so excited about the first day of school!

What to Expect on Tuesday, August 10

This will be a big day for us! We will start the day with an official ribbon cutting in our lobby. Doors will open to the public at 7:30am sharp, and families, on this day only, can walk their kids to class! As a parent this is always a memorable moment and it is one that we want you to have.

What happens after 7:30?

  • Breakfast will be provided in the cafeteria for students if they need it.
  • Students not eating breakfast will go directly to class.
  • We will have staff in the hallways throughout the building helping kids and families to find the correct room.

What about parking?

Please note that parking will be a major challenge on this day! We will have volunteers assisting with on-site parking on a first come, first served basis. Parking is available in our west lot behind the school, or to the right side of any driveways that are not marked in red as a fire lane. When our parking fills up, we will be directing cars back out to the street for parking in the community.

Tips for Tuesday if you plan to walk your students to class:

  1. Arrive early. Our doors will open at 7:30am!

  2. Walk to school or carpool if you can!

  3. Expect delays. This is our first day in operation and many people will be on our campus at the same time.

What happens around 8:00am?

  • We will make a PA announcement shortly before 8:00am and right at 8:00am thanking you for coming to the school. We will ask that you begin making your way out of the building if you are still present.
  • Families will be able to move to our cafeteria for our Boo-Hoo/ Yahoo breakfast sponsored by our PTO. Families will exit from this event out of the front cafeteria doors.

We look forward to welcoming you and your students on this day!

How does drop off work on Tuesday?

This picture will give you an idea of what to expect at drop off. If you are simply dropping kids and leaving on Tuesday, simply drive up to our front door and drop your kids. We will have staff there to supervise. If you are parking to walk your student in, please note our parking area. Families can park to the right on any driveway as long as the curb is not painted red. These are fire lanes and must stay clear for safety.
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How does afternoon pick up work?

Afternoon pick up will incorporate the same entry and exit points. No afternoon pickup will occur in our West Parking Lot because this is the area where buses and daycare will pick students up.

Families picking up will form two lanes in our driveway. We will have staff out there to direct cars into lanes.

All students should have received an afternoon pickup tag that shows the student's name and a unique number. You MUST have this tag with you when you pick students up and will be required to show it to our staff who is working on a laptop. If you are picking up multiple students, please bring the tag for all of the ones you are picking up.

If you have not received your car rider pickup tags, please come to the school on Monday between the hours of 8am and 4pm to receive your them. As always you may call us at 281-641-5700 if you have any further questions.

What if my student rides the bus?

If your student rides the bus to school, they will be dropped off in our West Parking Lot. Daycare vans will also drop off in this area. No family drop off or pickup will be available in this parking lot. Afternoon pickup for buses and daycare vans will also be in this same area. We will release bus and daycare students, with staff supervision, to our cafeteria to line up by bus number or daycare provider. Staff will then move kids to the vehicles as they arrive. We also have a system for checking off all students who get on the bus so that we ensure your kids are in the right place!

Families living in Standard on the Creek apartments are provided bus transportation to Autumn Creek since there is no gate or footpath from the apartment complex. This is being done to keep our kids safe!

Want to know what your bus route time and location is? Visit the transportation website to find out more.

Can I pick up my child if they normally ride the bus?

Yes! Just bring your car rider tag with you and follow the procedures above for afternoon pickup. We ask that you notify the school and your child's teacher by 2pm so we can make sure your child is in the correct spot at pickup!

How do you make sure my child gets to the correct spot when school is out?

All students at ACE in kindergarten through 2nd grade will receive a colored tag that will be attached to their backpack. Tag colors tell us if the student is a car rider, bus rider, or walker/biker. Teachers will walk their students to the bus pickup area while another teacher will walk bikers and walkers to their pickup point on our sidewalks outside the building.

Students in 3rd through 5th grade will not have a backpack tag, but teachers will still walk them out to their appropriate spot.

Car riders stay in the classroom until you drive up and show us your pickup tag. Teachers are in the classroom supervising during that time. When the family is there for pick up, students are released to our front door to go line up at a cone. We have multiple staff members lining the hallways to make sure students get to the right area.

Pizza Party for all students on Tuesday!

To celebrate our grand opening, we are giving all students Domino's pizza through our lunch line on Tuesday only! And now for the best part: there is no cost for the pizza! If your student has a food allergy, an alternate meal will be provided to them if they go through the line.

Nothing makes a kid's day like pizza! Thank you, Domino's!

Please remember that families will be welcomed to lunch beginning on Monday August 24 so we can have two weeks to get our routines down!

Back To School Checklist

Our wonderful PTO created this very handy checklist to help you prepare for the new school year! It has some great reminders on things you might not be thinking of. Thank you, PTO!

YMCA After School Care

YMCA After School care registration is open! You can go to our website at to find a registration link along with more information about the program. If you have attempted registration before and were unable to find Autumn Creek Elementary in the list, that issue has been corrected by the YMCA. Also here is a flyer with more information.