Job Seekers

Information on different Google applications.

Google Mail

Google mail is a way of communicating with other people. it allows you to send and receive messages sent from all around the country/world. If you create a gmail account with your own password that only you know you are ready to use Google mail. This application would be of help to someone looking for a job to receive any emails concerning job opportunities or organizing job interviews with companies.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is basically an online calender that you can add events to, to remind you were and when you need to be somewhere. Google calendar is really simple to use. When you have created a gmail account and logged in you automatically have the Google calendar. When you are on the calendar page all you have to do is select the date you want to add an event and then the time period in which the event starts and if you want to add - ends. When that information is added, you will be reminded of the event when it is due. This would be helpful to job seekers because hopefully they should be getting a lot of interviews and meetings etc that they will need to be reminded of.

Google Drive/Docs

Google drive is basically PowerPoint in your gmail account. You can add text, pictures etc just like you can on PowerPoint. If you type in Google Drive it will bring you to the correct page but you will be asked to log in first using your gmail username and password. Then you use Google Drive just like you would use PowerPoint but much easier. Google Drive layout is easier to follow and more understandable. This would help someone seeking jobs by creating PowerPoint's etc to 'woo' there interview audience.

Google Maps

Google maps is what it says. A massive map of the world. Google maps can be used at any time by anyone without having to log in. To use Google maps you choose the 'Maps' icon on Google's home page. Then on the left side you can enter postcodes or full address and locate places. You can also put the yellow man on were you want to be to see 'street view'. Street view would be good for job seekers to look around the area of were the job is or even to get directions of were the interview/work would be.