3 Steps to Mastering Tennis

Tennis is one of the most technical sports out there, and takes much meditation and practice in order to fully grasp and master what it takes to be good. While it isn’t easy, with the right fundamental concepts, teaching yourself tennis can take as little as 3 months with the right mindset. These 3 steps are designed to give you a glimpse of what it will take to be great with the racquet.

1. Early Preparation- it is important that you keep your body in position for every swing that comes to you. This requires you keeping the racquet back in preparation for a swing, and having your hips and shoulders in the right position for when the ball comes. Failing to do this will put you out of rhythm, and can lead to bigger problems during your competition.

2. Recovering- Whether the swing was flawless or flawed, it is essential that you get in the habit of recovering after every shot that you make. A bad habit that tennis players have is watching the ball after the swing, a distraction that can lead to be out of position. Focus on recovering, and be prepared for the next swing. Never be out of position when the ball comes towards you!

3. Master Footwork- Once swinging the racquet is mastered, the next biggest step for tennis players is to understand footwork. Louis Desmarteaux, an accomplished U.S. tennis player, owns his own tennis business, and makes sure to construct perfect form in his students once they aster this swing. This ensures that they can maintain other competitors on the court, and do not lose form in their swing due to shabby footwork.