Camp Joan

Send your child to Camp Joan for days of fun!

Fun, Fun, FUN

When your child tells you that they want to come to Camp Joan, you need to be ready to say YES!!! Your child will have a lot of fun doing various activities.


How will my childs day go????

7:00-10:00 am- wake up

10:00 am- eat breakfast

11:00-12:30- First activity

12:30-2:00- Second activity

2:00-3:00- Lunch

3:00-4:00- Break time

4:00-5:00- Third activity

5:00-6:00- Snack

6:00-8:00- Eat dinner

8:00- 12:00- watch movies

1:00- whenever- lights out


Your child will have a choice of:

-water ballon fights

-nail painting

-going to the park

-long chats

-washing cars

and many, many, MANY more activities.

Our goal

Camp Joans goal is to provide a helpful and entertaining enviorment for friends.


you must be wondering where this very awesome camp is taking place! camp joan is at Joans house.


Your child can be sent to camp joan any time (prior approval is needed) during the summer!


You may contact Joan by email, or you may call her. You can also call joans personal assistant, Mary.