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Technology Idea: How to use ipads to increase reading comprehension

No matter what subject you teach: every teacher wants their students to be good readers! Here are some ways to use the ipads to increase reading comprehension :

Apps that could be used quickly for reading comprehension review or centers:

Grammar Up : a fill in the blank vocabulary quiz to test different types of word categories ( adj, adv, nouns, conjunctions, pronounds, verbs, conditionals)

Science Language Central: word games using the Life Science vocabulary from the Pearson text book.

Evernote Peek: Create multiple choice tests that work exclusively with the ipad and the covers. You can create your own tests or use premade tests.

Blanks: Vocabulary quiz game

Grammar Fun Free: Match the parts of speech to the sentence. Keeps the score which students could share with the teacher.

Painless Grammar/Painless Vocabulary/Painless Spelling: Pick the correct answer to score high on the quiz. If you get over an 80%, you get to play a racing game.

Apps to create creative assessments or projects:

Use these apps in the classroom for assessment or practice. They could be used to show vocabulary words, plot development, prediction, comprehension, word choice… just about anything. They are very adaptable for any situation. All are great choices for a paperless classroom!

Doodle Buddy: Use this app to draw and write text to illustrate reading comprehension with scenes from the plot, character analysis or vocabulary work. May be sent to dropbox and printed or stored as pictures and transferred to your computer for paperless grading.

*Pic Collage: Make a poster with photos, clip art, and add text. Great for character and plot analysis, illustration of literary terms, figurative language, book reports or ads.

* Skitch: Integrate text with photographs to illustrate ideas or concepts. Great for character analysis or non-fiction reading.

* Poplet: Students make moveable blocks (poplets) that they can fill with text or pictures and then move around the screen. You can use it for word sorts, sequencing, 4-square vocabulary, brainstorming, outlining. It is remarkably useful. Also online to be used in the computer lab with a free teacher account.

* Quizlet: Teachers (or students) can create flashcards and then use them to review for tests, SmartBoard games or to create self-grading tests to use in the classroom. Also available online. Another remarkably flexible online tool for your class.

Camera: Make a video or take a picture where the students act out part of a book, have a talk show and pretend to interview the characters in the book, create a sequel, show vocabulary words, make a book report or summary, create an ad to sell the book… Use their imagination to interact creatively with their reading!

QR Codes: use posted QR Codes for comprehension and vocabulary questions. Have the students create their own QR codes and questions for testing and save yourself some work.

* Starred items will be updated onto the ipads in Mid-September. Contact me if you want to use these apps.

There are so many of these apps for creating things on the ipad that students love, that you just have to try them!

Contact me for more information. You will be hearing more about them in future issues of this newsletter.

Please send me feedback on these newsletters or news about something great you are doing in your classroom!