May Today

4H's May month by: Clara Leimkuhler


Ms. Hoods Birthday is in the month of May (May 8) so 4H thought it would be great to surprise our teacher. So we started planning like who will bring the streamers and who will bring the balloons. Soon it all came together with a ice cream cake and fruit and other great foods and lots of balloons " That was the best party" some people say. This was a great surprise party and no one can top it.

My favorite state is....

To end our state unit in Social Studies 4H got the privilege of getting to make a "my favorite state " project. First, Ms.Hood picked sticks and we got to pick what 1 out of the 50 states. Here is what who picked....

Becca - Idaho

Teddy - Michigan

Maddy - Vermont

Libby - Kansas

Gene - Nevada

Alex - Hawaii

Miles - North Dakota

Kerry - Massachusetts

Clara - Florida

Shayla - South Dakota

Molly - Alaska

Sabrina - Pennsylvania

Emma - Arizona

Maggie - Colorado

Ben - Texas

Jack - New Mexico

Zoe - California

Dane - Washington

Nelson - Wyoming

Katie - New York

Spencer - Ohio

We had so much fun!!!!!!!!