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Skipping into September

The start of this school year has been fantastic! Truly, one of the better beginnings we've had in a very long time. Our children are quickly getting into the swing of things, and are figuring out new routines, making new friends, and deciding on new goals. We've been in "surviving" mode for a while, it's about time that we break into thriving. This is definitely the group of kids to do it!

NH Baseline data

Throughout the year, I will share general data with you regarding the progress of our kids as a whole. I am extremely please with the baseline data that we have from STAR reading and math this year. The momentum from last year has definitely stuck with our children, and we're looking forward to the challenge of helping them go even further.

Below, I've linked, the whole school data for reading and math for grades 2-5th. Our K and 1st graders use FASTBRIDGE as a baseline, and we still have another week or so to complete those. (They require some 1 on 1 assessing, which takes longer).

If you would like to know your child's specific baseline data, you can reach out to your child's teacher, otherwise it will be shared with you at conferences, along with the progress they have made. When assessing student mastery of standards we look at each student's percentile rank.

What to keep in mind before looking at the data (whole or individual) STAR reading and math assesses students on their current grade level (2nd graders have been assessed on 2nd grade standards- in which they have not been taught- think of it as a PRETEST of what is to come). STAR is norm referenced meaning that it compares students to others in the same grade level across the nation. If a 2nd student in August scores at the 50%ile it means they are above 50% of 2nd graders across the nation. In August we expect that students would fall in the 40%ile range or higher. Students who fall in the bottom quartile (25%ile or lower) are considered to be "at-risk" for mastering all the 2nd grade standards.

Please keep in mind that we do NOT put all of our "eggs in 1 basket". We look at a variety of assessment pieces to get a clear picture of student knowledge and performance abilities. Some students do not perform while on computerized tests, which is exactly why we perform other types of assessments. STAR is not the sole indicator of whether a student will master grade level standards or not, but it does give a picture of what they have mastered and what they continue to need work on.

We expect students to be at least at the 75%ile or higher in both reading and math at the end of the school year using STAR as a universal assessment.


August Birthday Bash!

August birthday Bash was a smash! I think the kids enjoyed themselves! I know that I sure did. In addition to getting to write a little note to them, I loved being able to talk to them about their book choices!

We will be celebrating each month of birthdays at the end of each month. We will celebrate the June and July birthdays at the end of May!

If you would like to contribute to the choice of books for our Birthday bash- you can click on the link below.

Birthday Bash Book Wishlist


For now, we will continue to have busing adjustments due to lack of drivers. We are experiencing late buses to our campus due to doubling out of the middle and high school. We do have a double run ourselves sporadically. We are doing our best to inform you of late buses as soon as we get the information. Unfortunately, sometimes we do not get the information until later in the day for various reasons.

We will try to inform you if the buses will be late to our campus because of a double OR if a bus is going to be a double. We are finding that buses doubling out of the high school is about 20 minutes or so later than their typical arrival. Buses that have to be doubled from our campus are 30 to 40 minutes later in delivering students.

IF you receive a phone call indicating a later dismissal for your child and you would like to pick them up that day you can:

1) Call the office @ 859-384-5325

2) Email the office at

If you know ahead of time (sometimes the drivers will tell the students when they will be out) you can send in a daily pick up note. This ensures students are put on the list and are delivered to the right location during our dismissal procedures.

We appreciate your understanding an patience!

Right now we currently have 190 students being picked up every day and about 20-30 daily pickups added each day. Friday we had 97 daily pickups and we greatly appreciate your patience! We try to expedite the process while still maintaining safety protocols.

Family Resource Center News (FRC)

Below is the link for the August Newsletter.

August 22-23 News

Keep connected through the NH FRC Facebook page.

We wanted to let you know that Ms. Aker will be gone for about 2 weeks in September, and when she returns she will be Mrs. Carter! We are all very happy for her and wish her the best!

If you need anything in the meantime, please feel free to reach out to our office and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. 859-384-5325


Picture Day is September 21st!

Camp... Oh What a day!

Hands down- best camp trip I've been on with our 5th graders! They were awesome, the chaperones were amazing, and the experiences were incredible. I hope that the kids came home with a lot to share with you! This is truly a great group of kids. I do also want to pass on a Shout Out to our teachers. This is a trip that they organize every year on their own time. Although school sponsored, this is not anything that the teachers get compensated for. This truly comes from a desire for our kids to make relationships and create great memories. We are blessed to have dedicated professionals like we do.

I've always loved sharing how tough our moms are at the Son vs Mom Dodgeball games... but I have to say our dads are beasts at the Field games! :) Lots of laughs and GREAT memories! Thank you to all of our parents who were able to join us on this trip!

Student Opportunities

I will always try to include opportunities for students- within the school or community that parents might be interested in for their child. Below are the linked fliers.

Music Opportunities for students:

Odyssey of the Mind- Information evening- September 14th @ 6:00 - NH Media Center. For students K-5th grade. Contact Dr. Hart for more information if needed:

NH Mozart Strings- violin,

viola, cello, or bass lessons

Classes start next week. If you are still interested you are able to enroll your child through the last sign up evening on 9/6. Click the blue link above for more information.

** Students will be brought to the bus loop by the instructor for pickup**

Union Music Academy-

Choir opportunity

4th grade GOTR- information was sent home specifically with our 4th grade girls. Mrs. Langhals is our lead coach. Practices begin the week of Sept. 11th.
5th grade GOTR will be in the Spring.

Girls B-ball- information will be coming home soon.

Mission and Vision of New Haven... Our WHY, WHAT, and HOW.

Keep'n up with the Calendar! (dates will be added/ revised each month as needed)


5th- Labor Day / No school
7th- Mozart Strings program begins (3:30 - 4:30)

9th- Popcorn Friday
13th- GOTR begins

19th- Midterms go home for 4th & 5th grade


22nd- PTO General meeting

30th- Birthday Bash for September birthdays


10th- 11th: FALL BREAK

13th- Picture Re-take day

14th- Popcorn Friday

16th- Read-a-thon begins

20th- School Smiles dental program

21st- Read-a-thon ends

26th- SBDM

28th- Halloween Celebrations/ Early Release day (EL buses will leave campus around 12:30 pm)

31st- Birthday Bash For October birthdays


4th- Read-a-thon assembly

7th- Parent/ Teacher Conference 4-7pm

8th- Election Day / No school

9th- Parent / Teacher Conference 4-7

11th- Veterans Day Celebration

16th- SBDM

18th- Popcorn Friday

23rd-25th- Thanksgiving Break

30th- Birthday Bash for November Birthdays


2nd- Parents Night Out School event 6-9 (k-5th)

9th- Popcorn Friday

19th- SBDM

20th- Birthday Bash for December birthdays

21st - Jan 3rd= WINTER BREAK

Approved Calendar for the 22-23 school year

Getting to know our staff

There are many characteristics that make New Haven staff stand above the rest, but collectively we have on average a minimum of 15 years of teaching experience across the board. 90% of our staff have a master's degree or higher, and our retention rate (not including reduction of staff) is 93%. We have a very knowledgeable and experienced staff which allows us to create and maintain momentum with our students.

As part of introducing our House System this year, Mrs. Rollins and Mrs. Aldridge created a NH staff slideshow to introduce all of our new Kindergartener's to our staff so that they can recognize us in the halls. It was shared with all of our staff so that they could also introduce new students to everyone. It has been a cute way to get to know each other. Thought I would share it with you as well!

Some staff pictures are missing because they are brand new to us!

Introducing our staff!

Big picture