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Article by Nate Tucker


The book "I Survived The San Francisco Earthquake, 1906" is about a boy named Leo who finds himself in a dangerous situation. One day two bullies in town take his prized possession, a gold nugget from his Grandpop who traveled across the country to California in search of gold. Leo has never told anyone about his gold, except for an innocent kid who loves to learn named Morris. Morris confesses he might have told the two bullies, and decides he will help Leo get his gold back. In a ridiculous attempt to steal back the gold, the boys find themselves in an earthquake that leaves many people homeless in town.

Historical Importance

This book shows what one may have experienced during the San Francisco earthquake of 1906. It describes what happened during this fatal event, and the tragedies that one may have faced. For example, there is a woman left with her four children outside her house that has been destroyed with her husband in it. Many people were left homeless, and often experienced several casualties.


The main characters are Leo, his friend Morris, his Papa, and his Grandpop. The two thieves/bullies are named Wilkie and Fletch.
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Leo's Life

Leo loves being a newsboy in San Francisco. He always stands at a corner of the street and sells newspapers. Leo seems to live alone. Since his Grandpop died years before, and his Papa is also dead Leo has to fend for himself. The only person always there for him is Morris. Later on in the book, Leo befriends Wilkie, the kid who sticks with Fletch.

What Happened?

In the earthquake of 1906, the ground shook might fully causing buildings throughout San Francisco to collapse. Soon buildings began to smolder, and spread fire throughout the city. Fireman were unable to put out the fire because the earthquake broke water pipes underneath the city. Many people left town, others were trapped in burning buildings. Casualties were common during the earthquake.