Genre 3: Letters to the Creator

Dissections and Psychology edition


These are two different people sending in a letter to a show, that come from two separate backgrounds. Carla is a conservative mother, who let her children watch a relatively mature show and is suffering the backlash, whereas Bart is a young adult in college who got to watch the "original" version of the show.

Conservative Side: Carla

People with families are also usually very conservative about what they watch, or let their children see. So it is very understandable on why Carla would rather her children not see adult content, especially if their fairly young with impressionable minds. Also, Kansas is a much more conservative state (Haverluck), so sometimes comedy and certain content isn't too well appreciated depending on which parts of Kansas a person grew up in. So here we can assume Carla might've grown up in in a more conservative area.

Progressive Side: Bart

Nostalgia can create a type of fondness of a certain show, song, and other things that can be deeply rooted into one's childhood. This can end up creating either a negative feeling when the object of their nostalgia changes, of a surprisingly positive one (Holbrook). Also, Michigan is a much more laid back state (Haverluck) in certain cases. Most comedy unless it's about ethnicity is actually well appreciated instead of criticized.

Rivet Sprague

Genre 3: "Letter the the Editor"