Kelsey Mead

Ceramics 1

Simple Unique

The base of my piece was made with the coil method. I built it up with coils and smothed it out. The handle of my peice was made with the slab method and I added designs to it to make the piece stand out. If I could change this piece I would make the coils more straight. When I was glazing it, I was going to do brown and white but i decided that is was to simple, so I thought the green and brown would look good together and it turned out I was right. Those colors really compliment each other. I created this peice in mind of a vase. I had problems on keeping the coils straight and pointing up.

Tiger Spirit

This entire piece is made from the slab method. I individually cut out each design piece and put it on my cup. The colors didn't turn out how I planned but i still looks good in my opinion. One of the best qualities of my piece is the vintage look to it. I personaly like how my piece has the vintage vibe. I created this project because I love my high school team and I wanted to incorporate that in my first peice of art. The main problems I had were that it kept collapsing because the clay got to moist. If I could go start my peice over again I would change the entire thing.

Art Critique of 'John Deweese Pottery'

This piece by John Deweese is a silver color. It has the look of metal that was bent and twisted. The pottery as a whole has unity. Every element on this piece looks like it belongs there and each element adds value to the peice as a whole. This piece reminds me of a Well but a broken one with no water in it. It reminds me of the great depression and how so many people went with out water and food because they couldnt afford to buy some or pay to fix the Well. I think this is a successful peice of art work because it has alot of meaning and is very neatly constructed with alot of craftsmanship.

Art Critique of Emma Marie Caldwalader-Guide Scultpure 'Free'

This piece is a strong man with barley and clothes on. The man has his arms around his back and seems to be tied to a post. Some elements and principals used are form and unity. The piece has amazing craftmaship. From the colors on this piece and the expressions on the mans face also the position of the mans body it reminds me of slavery. It reminds me of how black men and women were mistreated and forced to do things people wouldn't think about doing. I believe this is a great art piece and its very successful. It seemed to take alot of time because there is alot of good detail.